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Song Details
Duration: 4:02 
Release Date: 4/28/2010  (DJ Particle) 
Lyrics By: Rick Cormier (ricloose) 
Music By: Rick Cormier (ricloose) 
Produced By: Rick Cormier (ricloose) 
Released By: Rick Cormier (ricloose) 
Published By:
  • In the original song, Randy Bachman stutters throughout the song. I'm not sure why he did that but, I figured I'd use it to my advantage in the parody. Poor stammering Nelson can't get his girlfriend to yell out his name during sex but, she has no problem screaming the names of past lovers. (ricloose)
  • Song Lyrics:
    I met a lovely woman
    It's good to be her man
    But the thought keeps comin' to me
    That she don't know who I am

    Last week, I was givin' good lovin'
    She said, "OH YEAH! DO ME, BRETT!"
    "OOH, OOH!, OOH!" And then
    I looked right into her big brown eyes, and said,
    "You ain't screamed, "Nelson!" yet
    B-, b-, b-, baby, you know, you ain't
    Screamed "Na-, na-, Nelson!" yet
    I'm Nelson, but you just called me Brett
    B-, b-, b-, baby, you know you ain't screamed
    "Na-, Na-, Nelson!" yet."

    I have a nervous sss-stutter
    And I don't have a cure
    But, if my name, she'd uh-utter
    It'd be a help for sure

    Last night I gave her good love
    She said, "OOH, YEAH! THAT'S IT, CHET!"
    I thought, "Who the hell is Chet?"
    And then I looked right into
    Her big brown eyes, and said,
    "You ain't sscreamed, "Nelson!" yet.
    B-, b-, b-, baby, you just
    Ain't screamed, "Na-, Na-, Nelson!" yet.
    I'm Nelson, I'm Na-, Nelson
    But I guess you just forget, b-, baby
    You know, you know, you know
    You ain't sss-creamed, "Nelson!" yet."

    (Brief musical interlude)

    This morning during our lovin'
    She said, "MORE, OH YES, YVETTE!"
    (Hmm, this just might work out yet!)
    And then, I looked right into those big brown eyes
    And said, "You ain't sscreamed, "Nelson!" yet."
    "B-, b-, b-baby, you ain't screamed
    Na-, Nelson yet!"
    "I'm Nelson, I'm Nnnelson
    I'm Nelson
    And I'd like to meet Y-, Y-, Yvette, baby?"
    "Baby, baby, b-, baby but
    You ain't screamed Na-, Na-, Nelson yet"
    "You ain't screamed Nelson yet"
    Sounds like you've been around
    "No you ain't screamed, "Na-, Nelson!" yet"
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