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Duration: 3:48 
Release Date: 1996  (A-Log) 
Lyrics By:
Music By:
Produced By:
Released By:
Published By:
3/5 it good- Sailorcool95
Song Lyrics:
All: Buruuberii ni
Somatteku machikado
Hoshi-tachi ga matatakihajimeta wa
Machi ni matta ibu yo

Usagi: Otsuki-sama mitai na
Chou-BIG na keeki ni
Rei: Kyandoru wo tatemasho
Makka na honoo tomoshite

Mako: Yane ni todoku
Midori iro no tsurii wo
Mina: Kazarioeta koro
Kyoukai no beru ga naru

Ami: Atatakai heya ni
Ippai no shabon dama
All: Paati wa kore kara
Kon'ya wa jikan wo ki ni sezu

Minna e merii kurisumasu
Machijuu ni merii kurisumasu
Pan pa pa pan, kurakkaa ikioi yoku
Shanpan wa poozu dake

Mako: Shichimenchou ga
Atsu atsu atsu atsutsu...
Mina: Okashi no fukuro wo ippai akete
Geemu wa nani yaro!

Usagi: Doko ni iru no
Hoshi wa kiete
Itsuka kumori sora

Rei: Usagi, yuki yo
Ami: Hora howaito kurisumasu
All: Paati wa kore kara
Kon'ya wa jikan wo wasurete

Usagi: Shinshin tsumori
Ichimen yukigeshou
Donna kumo mo kitto harete
Mabushii sekai

All: Sora ni hoshi ga
Futatabi matataite
Suzu no ne wo hibikase
Sori ni wa santa kuroosu
Sekaijuu egao!
Merii merii kurisumasu!!
English lyrics

All: The street corner
Becoming dyed in blueberries
The stars above have begun to twinkle
The Christmas eve we've waited for

Usagi: Looking like the moon up high
On to the super-big cake
Rei: Let's place the candles
And light the deep red flame

Mako: Reaching to the roof
Once the green tree has been
Mina: Finished decorating
The bell of the church rings

Ami: The warm room is
Filled with soap bubbles
All: Now the party begins
And tonight we won't worry about time

Merry Christmas to all
Merry Christmas to the whole city
Let's eat lots and lots of bread and crackers
The champagne is just a pose

Mako: The turkey is
Hot, hot, hot, burning hot...
Mina: Let's open lots of bags of candy
And play some kind of game!

Usagi: Where are you now
The stars will disappear
Someday in the cloudy sky

Rei: Usagi, it's snowing
Ami: Look, it's a white Christmas
All: Now the party begins
And tonight we'll forget about time

Usagi: The ground is all covered
Everywhere deep with snow
Any kind of cloud will surely clear
For a radiant world

All: In the sky the stars
Are twinkling once again
Making bells ring and
Standing out above all
On a sleigh is Santa Claus
A smiling face to the world!
Merry, merry Christmas!!
Current Rating 7.1 (1 vote)
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