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Duration: 2:52 
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Song Lyrics:
JAPANESE (Romanji):
Migi te ni wa shiro hata! Hidari te ni wa PASTA~!

Hata futte- Hata futte- Hata futte PAREDO!
Miwaku no sekai e ANDIAMO!
Te wo totte wa ni natte mawaru yo chikyuu go
Kirakira nagagutsu de zekkouchou!
Butaretatte megenaizo! He-ta-ri-a

"Aaa? Onna no ko ga takusan miniki teru?
Uwawawa! Chotto matte chotto matte! Ima modorukara!"

Hata futte- Hata futte- Hata futte PAREDO!
Gakki o narashite koshin da
Minna de seno de gaso sureba tada hitotsu no uta kansei-sa
Shiki-gakari wa ore, VENEZIANO~!!
"Demo kono PASTA hayaku yude takute taman nai yo~"

PIERO wa RUOTE ni notte
FARFALLE wa ore-tachi o yukizukeru yonimau


VIVA L'ALLEGRIA! Ya na koto wa yareba suki ni naru!
VIVA L'ALLEGRIA! ii koto nara abiru hodo BEVIAMO!
VIVA L'ALLEGRIA! Wakiagaru dai kansei
VIVA L'ALLEGRIA! Aozora ni ukabu IL SOLE maru de PIZZA!
Kanjireba MEZZALUNA!

Hata futte- Hata futte- Hata futte PAREDO!
MELODY wa bankoku kyotsu-sa
5tsu no tairiku to nanatsu no umi o
Norinori na TENPO dedai odan!

Asu e tsuzuite ku CARNEVALE!
Yume no chakku mogurikome!
Butaretatte megenaizo! He-ta-ri-a

"Veee? Kutsu himo hodoke chatta...
Aa, minna! Matte... matte matte matte yo!
Umaku musube nain dayo~! Doitsu! Doitsu! Tasukete yooo!

In my right hand is a white flag! In my left hand is pasta!
Wave your flag, wave your flag, it's a flag-waving parade!
Towards the enchanting world, andiamo![Let's Go!]

Take our hands, make a circle, spin, and it's the world
With my sparkling boots, I'm in the best condition!
Verde, bianco, rosso è tricolore[Green, white, red is my tricolor flag]
Even if I'm shot at, I won't get discouraged! He-ta-li-a

"Ahh! A lot of girls have come to see me!
Veee~ Bella, bella, ciao~ Ciao ciao~[Pretty girl, hi!]
Uwawawah! Wait a second! Wait a second! I'll return now!"

Wave your flag, wave your flag, it's a flag-waving parade
Sound your instruments, it's time to march
If everyone at one-two makes the ensemble, the one and only song will be complete
The conductor is me, Veneziano~!!
"But, I need to hurry and boil the pasta~"

Fluttering capelli d'angelo[angel hair pasta]
The pierrot["little-wheel" pasta] is riding on route
Farfalle[bow-tie pasta] is encouraging us to dance

Viva l'allegria![Long live the joy!]
Viva l'allegria!)

Viva l'allegria! If you do things you find unpleasant, you'll like them
Viva l'allegria! If it's a good thing, then let's bask in it and beviamo[drink]!
Viva l'allegria! The loud cheers keep growing passionate
Viva l'allegria! Floating in the blue sky, il sole[the sun] is just like a pizza!
If you take a bite, it's a mezzaluna[half-moon]!

Wave your flag, wave your flag, it's a flag-waving parade!
This melody is universal
The 5 continents and the 7 seas
At this energetic tempo, they traverse each other grandly!

This is the carnevale[carnival] that will continue towards tomorrow!
Slip through the zipper to dreams!
Verde, bianco, rosso è tricolore
Even if I'm shot at, I won't get discouraged! He-ta-li-a

"Ve~ My bootlaces are untied...
Ah, everyone! Wait, wait, wait, wait for me!
I can't tie my boots well~! Germany! Germany! Come help me~!
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