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Ultimate Epic Video Game Medley 3rd Strike: Revenge of the Return of the Rise of the Remake of the New Challengers 
By: Insane Ian
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Duration: 8:01 
Release Date: 4/27/2012  (DJ Particle) 
Lyrics By: Ian Bonds (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Music By:
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  • The Adele parody section "Gotta Catch 'em All" was clipped out of this for its own YouTube video in July 2012. (DJ Particle)
  • Song Lyrics:
    (Yeah, Eh-eh-eh-eh-Elder Scrolls) Oo-ooh-ooh, hoo yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah Yeah-ah-ah Yeah-ah-ah Yeah-ah-ah Yeah-ah-ah Yeah, yeah, yeah
    Three a.m. and I'm still playin'
    Gotta go to bed so I can go to work
    Gonna call out, I don't wanna go
    Keep the game on, I just wanna keep
    Playin' on and on, gotta keep playin'
    Gotta get over to the next town
    Finally get in the town and then a guard says (guard says)

    Adventure was the life for me
    but took an arrow to the knee
    I haven't been playing long
    I'm 400 hours in...

    It's Skyrim, Skyrim
    I'm still playin' Skyrim
    Everybody's lookin' for the Words of Power
    Skyrim, Skyrim
    Gotta be playin' Skyrim
    Everybody's happy with their cheese wheels, cheese wheels

    Fus Ro Dah, Fus Ro Dah (Yeah)
    Dovakiin, Dovakiin (Yeah)
    Lookin' forward to the DLC

    Octorock (parody of Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO) -
    New lyrics by Ian Bonds

    In the fields are octoroks. Lookin' for battle, I use Z-lock. (unh)
    Nonstop when we use hookshot, movin' heavy rocks like a Goron jock (woo!)
    Where's Zelda? I gots to know, Ganon grabbed her, he runs the show
    Half elf, half fae, Master Sword, Link's the name, I'm the hero

    Yo, I'm runnin' through these fields on Epona
    I got that Song of Storms, played on my Ocarina
    I met a guy, inside this cave that I've stepped in
    S'dangerous to go alone, here take this weapon, hey

    Octoroks are in the field outside
    Link will always be the Hero of Time
    Water Temple makes you lose your mind
    Spin the sword til the point will shine

    Octoroks don't put up any fight
    Link's sword hand has been switched to right
    Wii remote's not on the left hand side
    We just wanna see ya...shake that

    Navi will say "Hey!" "Listen!"
    "Hey, Listen!" "Hey, Listen!"

    Kirby (parody of Zombie by The Cranberries) -
    New lyrics by Ian Bonds

    He's made of fluff
    and he'll steal your stuff

    He's who I play-ay
    In Smash Brothers Melee

    Donkey Kong (parody of Bang A Gong by T-Rex)
    Sort of but not really suggested by Luke
    New lyrics by Ian Bonds

    Donkey Kong!
    It is on like
    Donkey Kong! X2

    Eggplant Wizard (parody of Pinball Wizard by The Who)
    New lyrics by Ian Bonds

    Ever since I was a young kid,
    They called me Icarus.
    From Angel Land I hail
    and my real name is Pit.
    I fight Medusa's creatures
    I shoot them with my bow.
    But that scary little wizard
    Turned me bright purple!

    He's the Eggplant Wizard
    It's such a rotten twist.
    The Eggplant Wizard
    Transformed Kid Icarus.

    Why do you think he does it? I don't know!
    What makes him so mean?

    Samus Aran (parody of I Ran by Flock of Seagulls)
    New lyrics by Ian Bonds

    Samus Aran!
    She's fights off the Metroid
    Samus Aran!
    Her blasts you can't avoid

    My missile's been deployed.

    Jet Grind Radio (parody of StereoHearts by Gym Class Heroes feat. Adam Levine)
    New lyrics by Ian Bonds

    I'm on your stereo
    Professor K says listen close
    Hear my voice in Tokyo-o-to
    Underground radio
    Spray graffiti as you roll
    Just watch your back for the 5-0
    Just listen to Jet Grind Radio

    Gotta Catch 'Em All (parody of Rolling in the Deep by Adele)
    Contains an interpolation of the Pokemon Theme lyrics by John Siegler & Tamara Loeffler
    Arranged by Ian Bonds

    I wanna be the best, like no one ever was
    To catch them is my test, to train them is my cause
    I will travel, searching far and wide
    Each Pokemon to see the power that's inside
    Every challenge, with courage I will face
    I battle every day to claim my rightful place

    I wanna be the best, like no one ever was
    To catch them is my test
    To train them is my cause

    Our courage will pull us through this
    You teach me things and I will teach you too
    And while our courage will pull us through this
    I can't help thinking
    I gotta catch 'em all
    (Little Pokemon, It is you and me)
    It's my destiny
    (Oh oh Pokemon, You're my best friend)
    In a world we must defend
    (Oh oh Pokemon, With a heart so true)
    Pokemon, you're my best friend
    (Little Pokemon, It is you and me)

    Call of Duty (parody of Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga)
    New lyrics by Ian Bonds

    There ain't no reason I should play this game alone
    Tonight, yeah, baby! (Xbox live, baby!)
    I got a weapon and a lot of noobs I'll pwn tonight (Tonight)
    I need a match to play where team killing ain't wrong
    Tonight, yeah, baby! (Tonight, yeah, baby!)
    You know what game I mean, I won't be playing Pong tonight

    They are just all so cool, played every sequel
    I already breezed right through Modern Warfare 2
    So it's time to play part 3!

    (I) Answer the Call of Duty, and I'll shoot my way through World War II
    Answer the Call of Duty, and I'm hanging out with the Black Ops crew
    I answer the call, the call, the call, the call, the call, the call, the call,
    Answer the Call of Duty, and I've reached Prestige well before you
    I'm more elite than you.

    © 2012 Idolize W.A.Y. Recordings/Ian Bonds
    (Stavro Arrgolus)
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