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Duration: 2:29 
Release Date: 2002  (sfjpk30) 
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Song Lyrics:
(two theatre employees talking… Are they still out there?… Yes, look at ‘em, they’ve all been sitting out there on the curb for weeks! All of this just for a movie?)

In the line again.
Now here I am waitin’ in the line again.
To prove that I’m the biggest super “Star Wars” fan,
I proudly sit and wait in the line again.

In the line again.
I lost my job back ‘round day nine or ten.
My sweetheart left, my love just didn’t understand,
But I’ll find a new love here in the line again.

In the line again.
To be the first to see the film is my intention.
Here with all my friends.
Yeah, we’ve formed right here a single file convention.
Just feel the tension. (Oooh! I can’t wait!)

We’re in the line again.
Discussing rumors from the internet.
Like Justin Timberlake is playing Boba Fett. (What?)
That’s what we do when we’re in the line again.

(bridge – Luke Ski and another fan talk about internet rumors:)

(What other rumors are there?) Well let me turn on my laptop with cellular modem and log onto w-w-w-dot “spoil it for the rest of us” dot-com… Ah! Here we go… Senator Palpatine does commercials for Viagra… (Whoa!) Mace Windu’s wallet is called “Bad Mother Jedi”… (Cool!) Obi-Wan to sing medley of sappy love songs to Amidala on top of a giant bantha… (Really?) In Yoda’s fight scene, he quote, “On their candy asses the Smackdown I layeth, yes!”… (Huh?) To increase his popularity, Jar Jar Binks becomes a Sith Lord and kills N’Sync… (Wow! Is all that for real?) Well, if it’s on the internet, it must be true! (Yeah!)

In the line again.
We’re a band of nomad fanboys on the streetside.
Here in my pup-tent,
I got a GameCube with Rogue Squadron Two in hi-fi.
This is Sci-fi!

In the line again.
I’ll get the scoop on what happens to Anakin.
Been waiting here since the last movie reached it’s end.
I got no life waitin’ in the line again.
But that’s my life waiting in the line again.

(A theatre owner comes out and addresses the line:) Okay you geeks, slowly, one at a time, we will now start seating for Star Wars, Episo-GAAAHH!!! (We hear the crowd trample him as they stampede into the theatre.))
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