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Duration: 4:07 (Larynxa) 
Release Date: 1976  (Larynxa) 
Lyrics By: Denis King & ? Green (Larynxa) 
Music By: Denis King & ? Green (Larynxa) 
Produced By: Denis King / A Tyler Records Production (ZXDR 59949) (Larynxa) 
Released By: Decca (F R 13669). Made in England. (Larynxa) 
Published By: Britco Gema Essex Music Int. / Tyler Music Ltd. (Larynxa) 
Cute little song, in the style of classic British Music Hall, with lyrics inspired by a naughty seaside postcard. I especially like the chord progressions. This song was only released as a single on the Decca label in the UK, in 1976, backed with "Censored". This record is long-out-of-print, and very hard to find. I found mine in 1999, in an online record shop based in Denmark, and I've not found another copy since! The melodramatics of this song must be a lot of fun to perform in front of an audience, because there are a couple of websites selling backing tracks for it. - Larynxa
Song Lyrics:
[note: stage directions are in square brackets]

I took my brother, Bill, to Brighton, where the race course is
To show him which was bookmakers and which was the horses
When all at once, as I had feared,
Young Bill had been and gone and disappeared.
A crowd began to gather at my side.
I turned to them, and this is what I cried:

Oh, I’ve lost my little Willie, and it’s very hard to bear.
When I looked for little Willie, little Willie wasn’t there.
I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.
Not without little Willie---Would you?

I asked the passersby if they could help me discover
The whereabouts of that elusive rascal, my brother.
But no one really seemed to care,
A fact which filled Yours Truly with despair.
Then forward stepped a lass with big blue eyes,
Who claimed she’d had a wonderful surprise.

She said, “I’ve seen your little Willie, and he’s growing rather fast.
He looks distinctly larger than the time I saw him last.
The answer’s obvious to see.
Your little Willie stays right here with me.”

Oh, I begged her, I beseeched her to disclose the location
Of that disgraceful scallywag, my missing relation.
She said, with face as hard as wood,
“Just give me one good reason why I should.”
I racked my brain to think of what to say.
[conspiratorially] But then, I saw the part that I must play:

I said, [sobbing] “I’ve lost my little Willie, and it’s more than I can stand.
When I clutched at little Willie, there was nothing in my hand.
I can see you’re loy’l to Willie’s cause,
But my need is much greater than yours.”

She said that since she’d known him, he’d grown very much stronger,
And told her he would like to stick it out a bit longer.
She said, “See here, it done him proud,
And it had helped him to sort of stand out in a crowd.”
[sobbing] My little tale of woe is now complete.
Its moral is too awful to repeat.
[great gasping sobs]

When you have lost your little Willie, you will end up on the shelf.
For, without his little Willie, no man really feels himself.
There is only one thing you can do,
Just hang on to your Willie---
I know it sounds silly---
But Willie will hang on to you!
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