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  • Well, whattaya know. And somebody posted this on YouTube, too. I hear it's played every harvest season in Mendocino County, tho' it's not about dope at all. One night I had a dream that I'd written a folk song called "The Yum Yum Tree" that made the Kingston Trio really mad for making fun of them. So I got up and wrote this. It's about the idea of the Garden of Eden. As usual, just me in a bedroom doing all the parts.

    Oh, PS I really don't appreciate Dr. Demento selling my music and not paying me for it. That's theft. Contact me if you want a copy. Or just listen to it on YouTube. I don't know who put it up. (Tom Dark)

  • Song Lyrics:
    There grew a tree where I was born in my own neighborhood
    And ev'ryone for miles agreed that tree was mighty good
    It bore a fruit so firm and sweet, it made all tonsils glad
    Digesting it was so much fun, it drove our tummies mad

    We smiled to think how nature could produce such goodies free
    And nature smiled back at us through our own Yum Yum tree

    The Yum Yum tree would show mankind how tasty life could be
    It changed the lives of all who ever tried the Yum Yum tree

    [Spoken] 1: Yum Yum tree? That's really stupid
    [Spoken] 2: Sh sh shh, quiet. Go ahead, Bruce

    A cladode chordate rutaceae with bifurcated leaves
    Deciduous, yet somehow dioecious, strange to see
    And these digitate integuments on indehiscent seeds
    And these mucronates keep epiphytes from causing tubercles

    With these fancy words a botanist approved our Yum Yum tree
    While dissecting it with skill and care on PBS TV
    Then he lectured on how nature's earth produced such goodies free
    And he sold some plans to squeeze it into high technology

    [Spoken] oh?! its a song... about drugs!

    Then industry improved Yum Yum, to better suit our will
    With phiso-meso DNA and hexachlorophyll
    And phiso-mega-death-a-hol and stuff they use for pills
    Then airplanes sprayed our neighborhood and all our pets fell ill

    Then Yum Yum tankers sailed the seas and Yum Yum juice got spilled
    Then lab'ratory tests on rats showed Yum Yum juice could kill
    With some chagrin they rubbed their chins at this duplicity
    While nature smiled quietly inside that Yum Yum tree

    [Spoken] (mumbled)
    [Spoken] Just... listen

    One day a killer frost came, and the Yum Yum crop declined
    And Yum Yum addicts ev'rywhere lost their collective mind
    The crime rate rose as prices soared, no Yum Yum substitute
    So all right-thinking paranoids declared war on Yum Yum fruit

    The CIA found communists behind this Yum Yum slime
    Religions found the devil, the FBI found crime
    We had to move to rectify foul nature's wicked deeds
    Straight to jail for anybody caught possessing Yum Yum seeds

    Then certain famous pressure groups did press the FCC
    To have wiped clean from radio all songs of Yum Yum trees
    The Yum Yum tree did show mankind how silly it can be
    When it lays the blame for all its pain on something from a tree

    And I guess I'm now a criminal, 'cause I found Yum Yum seeds
    And I see nature smiling as I plant... them... quietly...

    [Spoken] 1: That was an ecological song
    [Spoken] 2: No, it was about Man 11/15/2018

    DJ Zath (11/15/2018)
    (DJ Zath)
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