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Release Date: 1985  (sav-man) 
Lyrics By: Marucci/De Angelas/ONeil/Christy (sav-man) 
Music By: Marucci/De Angelas/ONeil/Christy (sav-man) 
Produced By: Scott Christy (sav-man) 
Released By: Rox SM (sav-man) 
Published By:
  • Anti-Madonna song inspired by the oversaturation of Ms. Ciccone's music and image during the mid-1980's. (sav-man)
  • Song Lyrics:
    (note: I have transcribed these lyrics from an old cassette
    tape containing 2 different recordings of this song, however,
    I was unable to verify the background vocals.. I did my best
    to figure them out from amongst the hiss and static. )

    **** No More Madonna - Slightly Twisted Disappointer Sisters ****

    NO more Madonna! (sleazy 'Donna)
    go 'WAY Madonna! (easy 'Donna)

    It seems like everywhere I look...
    now there's a TV show or book...
    about Madonna! (sleazy 'Donna)

    I don't know why now... (tacky 'Donna)
    But every guy now... (why Madonna?)

    Starts to turn right into jelly...
    when they see the famous belly...
    of Madonna! (tacky 'Donna)

    I turned on the radio today....
    what did I hear the DJ say?
    "a lucky star is on the way...
    then 'Like a Virgin' I will play, play, PLAY!"

    TOO much Madonna... ( icky 'Donna)
    turn OFF Madonna! (easy 'Donna)

    Every-body's in the world...
    my dentist hums 'Material Girl'...
    PLEASE Madonna! ( -sigh- )

    Now, here's a song that, this week is up 5 notches, over 2
    columns and across one entire page. Its by a group called
    the "Slightly Twisted Disappointer Sisters" and they're
    singing about the crowned queen of overkill: you-know-who...

    'Donna, 'Donna, good BYE Madonna! (yeah!)
    'Donna, 'Donna, fare-WELL Madonna!
    'Donna, 'Donna, go 'WAY Madonna!
    'Donna, 'Donna, so LONG Madonna!

    Went to a movie recently...
    I didn't really care what I would see!
    but there, on the screen in front of me...
    was some-body seeking Susan desperately!

    It was Madonna! (why me 'Donna?)
    NO more Madonna! (trashy 'Donna)

    'Till we find some-one else to hail...
    I'll buy songs by Jerry Veil...

    NOT Madonna! (not Madonna)
    No more Madonna! (no Madonna)

    UGH.. I thought it was BAD enough when 'Doctor Hook' got
    on the cover of Rolling Stone... Then we had Richard Gere,
    David Lee Roth... and now... no-hoe-hoe... no.. NO!
    next thing you'll know... we'll have Madonna T-shirts... Madonna playing cards... coffee mugs... Madonna ashtrays...


    (lyrics added 7-4-2015)
    (DJ Zath)
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