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Duration: 2:57 
Release Date: 1947  (Tim P. Ryan) 
Lyrics By:
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Song Lyrics:
Down at the club tonight. Ole Richard went home early-he’s got the key to the
house. I’m gonna knock on the door, see if I kin get in.

Open the door, Richard!! Ya see, Richard sleeps in the back room. It’s kinda hard
to hear. Maybe I better knock a little louder.

Open the door, Richard!! I don’t think Richard heard me yet. Knock one more
time-let’s see what’s gonna happen.

Richard, open the door, please.
Open the door, Richard
Open the door and let me in
Open the door, Richard
Richard, why don’t you open that door?

Richard, open the door, man-it’s *co-hold* out here’n this air. Now look-there’s
that old woman ‘cross the street lookin’ out the windah
(Who’s that, Widow Sweet?)
That must be her sister, I guess. She wants to make SURE this is me. She’s tryin’
to find out what’s happenin’. Yes, it’s me and I’m late again!
(Did you hear what the lady’s sayin’?)
No, what is she sayin’?
(She said you sure look common out here’n the street.)
COMMON? Man, I got class I ain’t never used yet. I’m gonna knock again-
Richard’s gotta get up.

Open the door, Richard!! Man, you got a key to the house?
(No, I don’t have a key. I DON’T have a key.)
Somebody’s got to get in the house. We can’t climb in the transit.
(Oh, I know he’s in there.)
How YOU know he’s in there?
(I can hear him breathin’.)
Ooooh, let’s try it one more time!

Richard, open that door, man. Maybe Richard’s gone.

Open the door, Richard
Open the door and let me in
Open the door, Richard
Richard, why don’t you open that door?

I know he’s in there.
(How you know he’s in there?)
Why, you got on the suit.
I know I got on the only suit. Ain’t got but one suit between us. That’s the
reason why I don’t like to roooooom with nobody.
Richard, why don’tcha open the door, man?
(Bill L)
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Messages about the song: "Open The Door, Richard"
clan piper   Offline  -  Member  -  07-22-05 04:07 AM  -  19 years ago
This song was first recorded by Jack McVea in 1947, but was actually part of black comic performer Dusty Fletcher's set as early as 1945. Fletcher recorded his own version a few month's after McVea's sucess with the song. This lead to a tidal wave of cover versions by other artists including Louis Jordan and Count Basie. Ownership of the song rights finally ended up in court, where it was revealed that Dusty Fletcher had lifted the "Richard" routine from fellow black comic John "Spider Bruce" Mason. The song's appeal is not so much the lyrics but the added dialogue between the band and the singer between verses. The not-so-subtle bawdy nature of the song (and the implied doings of "Richard", who we know is home, but can't quite come to the door) captured the public imagination and "Open the door, Richard" became a catch phrase in coversation for both black and white Americans. (footnote: My name is Richard and I have lost count of the times I have heard "open the door, Richard", mostly from my African-American friends over the age of 60!)
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