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05-28-11, #AOTA-11052811-04-90, #90-44
01-20-91, #91-03
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Messages about the song: "Rappin' Winos"
Alexdarkland   Offline  -  Member  -  06-05-11 02:27 PM  -  10 years ago
Plain Brown Paper Rapper `Rappin' Winos'
(Some of the dialogue is slurred, so bear with me. Lyrics in `( )' are "Did I Hear That Right?" Lyrics)

(Beatbox, sirens, intermittent burping)

We was just sittin' down, drinkin 'on the wino bench
at my usual spot, down on the (loadin') *HIC*
When all of a sudden, there arose a squabble,
'Cause Wino Willy double-clutched a bottle.

Pretty Boy Percy told Wino Willy,
"If you drank all the wine, I'll slap you silly."

Willy said, "You must be outta yo' mind.
I gave you *HIC* fifty cent for that wine.
(Furthermore), you slap me, Percy,
I'll kick yo' butt till you beg for mercy.
Blow yo' nose right offa yo' face.
Scatter yo' brains all over the place."

Well, you don't scare me, ya big bully.
'Cause I'll be the worst nightmare you ever had.
'Cause just like Michael Jackson, I'm Bad
Slap you into a state of confusion
with minor abrasions, and multiple contusions.

Willy said, "Y'all better not mess with me,
'cause I once went 15 rounds with Ali.
(Beat yo' butt) right on the ground.
(Wiggle) yo' head 'til the sun go down."


(Mess with) me and you bet I'll stop ya.
I used to be a hit man for the Mafia.
Get on the phone, call my old friends.
They'll come right over, and do you in.

Well, I'll wring your neck, break your arm.
Otherwise do you great bodily harm.
Cut you with my knife. Shoot you with my gun.
Even dare yo' ass to call 911.

Well, I'll kick ya in the shins. Step on yo' toes.
Go a-rat-a-tat-tat right across yo' nose.
Cut you open, sautee' yo' liver.
Rattle yo' chains, I'll shiver yo' timbers.

Well they looked like they got a lot more to say,
so me an' Amarillo Shorty moved outta the way.
They rolled up their sleeves and balled up their fists.
And they both started talkin', sounded somethin' like this.

Willy / Percy:
Well, I'll Wring Your neck, Break your arm. / Well, I'll be the worst nightmare you ever had.
Otherwise do you great bodily harm./ 'Cause just like Michael Jackson, I'm Bad.
Cut you with my knife, Shoot you with my gun. / Slap you into a state of confusion
Even dare yo' ass to call 911 / With minor abrasions and multiple contusions.

(When they all lets go)
it was pretty sad.
'Cause one was scared,
The other was glad.
They opened their fists,
Rolled down their sleeves.
They was still talkin'
when I started to leave.

Willy & Percy In Unison:

Well, I'm tired of talkin' to yo, big jerk.
Good thing for you, I gotta go to work.
But I got a dollar. You got a dime.
Let's put together and buy some more wine.

Sirens, burping

(Spoken dialogue)

Willy: Hey, yo, Percy, would you rather have some red wine or some white wine?

Percy: Well, personally, I prefer pink, but hey, I'm flexible.

Willy: Ye-yeah, and y-you talk funny, too. You should try Mad Dog with T-Bird

Percy: Well, why don't we get some dinner wine?

Willy: Because we ain't got nothn to eat, that's why. By the way, whatddaya mean `you gotta go to work'? I know you. You ain't worked in 12 or 13 years.

Percy: Well, so what? That gun you was gonna shoot me with been in the pawn shop for 36 months. (Fades)
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