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Topic: Upcoming shows for July, August and September 2021 (Wackiness On The Rise)

Started by: Wacky Ben

Wacky Ben   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  08-02-21 10:50 AM  -  1 month ago

You may have noticed that July ended without the "Songs with song in the title" show. Well that's because I made last minute changes. I ended the month with part one of our 2-part FuMPFeST spotlight which is also sort of a random show where we spotlight this year's acts at FuMPFeST 2021. We're concluding the spotlight this Friday with our final acts where we also have other songs to play too and a tribute to Dusty Hill of ZZ Top. Plus the song titles show that didn't go up will instead go up as a bonus episode on Saturday afternoon because just like my baseball show from last year, I didn't want all that pre-recording to go to waste.

The other reason for these last minute changes is because I will instead be taking a two week break instead of one. Which is why I decided on the 2-part FuMPFeST spotlight because we were suppose to spotlight this year's performers on August 13th. But that won't be happening hence the change. So we will be off for the next two weeks starting Saturday August 7th after the bonus episode goes up. We'll have a brand new episode on August 27th, we may or may not have a Dumb Newsbreak on that episode depending on if I will be able to record one, and as usual every future show is still on the bubble because of my grandma. Though she has been doing fine lately despite concerns that she was possibly dying, it's best to put future shows on the bubble because you'll never know what may happen.

All we have now are the September shows and later that month I will post the final schedules for the final three months of 2021. Hope everyone has been enjoying the shows.

Wacky Ben   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  07-04-21 08:51 PM  -  2 months ago

I knew it would happen. Another change has been made. July 30th I am postponing the television show for another time, maybe in 2022, because I lost interest in the idea. I am considering replacing it with the songs with song in the title show originally rescheduled for August 6th instead. As for August 6th it might be just another random show though I am hoping that if plans work out I will have an interview on that episode. But if it doesn't work out then plan B will be made.

That's all I pretty much have so let's recap. On July 30th, the television category is postponed and will be replaced with songs with song in the title. August 6th will either be an interview or random. The break on August 20th still remains and no plans to change categories for the month of September. Hopefully nothing. Happy 4th and I hope everyone has been enjoying the recent shows I posted.

Wacky Ben   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  06-05-21 10:43 AM  -  3 months ago

Changes have been made as I knew it would happen.

We will have shows on August 6th and the 13th but they're both changes. August 6th will be the songs with songs in the title show I had scheduled for September 3rd, and August 13th will be the FuMPFeST show as FuMPFeST is happening this year but with some guidelines due to the continuing pandemic. August 20th will be a no show as that's when FuMPFeST will be so we'll be on a one week break. August 27th will instead be another random show, sort of an after FuMPFeST show, where at the same time we'll play this year's Logan Award winners as the ceremony will take place at FuMPFeST and hosted by Dr. Demento. The back to school show will be on September 3rd.

As of this, there should be no more changes unless something comes up.

Wacky Ben   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  05-27-21 12:05 PM  -  3 months ago

Yeah it's early but I felt like announcing what's coming up in the months of July, August and September.

July 2021:

7/2/21: Wackypendence Day
7/9/21: stupidity
7/16/21: conspiracy theories
7/23/21: dinosaurs
7/30/21: television

August 2021:

8/6/21: possible no show
8/13/21: possible no show
8/20/21: FuMPFeST
8/27/21: back to school

September 2021:

9/3/21: songs with song in the title
9/10/21: 20 years of 9/11
9/17/21: long songs
9/24/21: random


July starts off with our annual all-American show two days before the 4th of July. As tradition some songs about the wackier side of America and songs that define all-American. Following with songs about stupidity leading up to a sequel dedicated to conspiracy theories. The 23rd however was suppose to be our Christmas in July show but I decided to scrap it this year and replace it with a show about dinosaurs that was scheduled for the 30th. Besides, Christmas in July is semi-annual. Not annual. And taking the July 30th's show place is television which was originally scheduled for August 6th.

For August, you may have noticed that the first two weeks are labeled as possible no show. That's because I maybe taking a two week break or I'll be back with a new show on the 13th which will probably be a random show while at the same time I will be preparing for the possible return of FuMPFeST. August 20th will be dedicated to FuMPFeST 2021 and we can only hope that it is actually happening this year depending on how the results of the pandemic turn out. If however FuMPFeST does not happen this year then I will instead find a replacement category. Or I will replace the back to school show for the 27th to the 20th and find a new show for the 27th.

Finally, September. We're starting things off with something different involving songs with song in the title. Example: Achy Breaky Song by Weird Al, The Freckle Song by Larry Vincent, and Song Of The Sewer by Art Carney. To name a few. Then we get to what maybe the most difficult show I will ever have as the 10th will be our one day early tribute to the 20th anniversary of 9/11. All I have in mind is a few songs about America that I didn't play on the upcoming July 2nd show and a few songs poking fun at Osama bin Laden. Next up on the 17th is our third ever long songs show. We once again play a selection of songs that clock in from 5 to 15 minutes making it the shortest playlist ever. And finally, our last show for September, the 24th, is just another random show. That's partly because I wanted to catch up on songs I missed during the previous week.

And there you have it, the upcoming shows for the months of July, August and September. As usual, expect possible changes to be made including whether or not I will be breaking during the first two weeks of August. I also can't say for sure if any of these months may possible contain the long awaited post-pandemic show that I have been working on for almost four months now, but once again that all depends on what Biden and the CDC have to say and whether or not we've hit phase 5. I'm not just gonna jump right into the post-pandemic show while states are reopening because it's too soon. Hope everyone looks forward to these shows and when the time comes, we'll see what's coming up during the final three months of 2021.

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