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Topic: The Mad Music Comedy Zone #24-08

Started by: davidtanny

davidtanny   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  05-11-24 12:07 AM  -  2 months ago
*  The Mad Music Comedy Zone #24-08
*  Date: May 11, 2024
*  Subject: Leftover Mother's Day Songs
*  MadMusic:
*  Note: This show is not heard on the DTAdams2022 channel on Mixcloud

*  Tags: Comedy, Oddities, Novelty, Funny Music, Humor

*  Note: Each show runs 57:20

*  Note: To help support my shows, please visit and make
*        a cash donation to tip me, the producer. Help me pay for the songs to play
*        on my show.
   Dr. Mom - Joe J. Thomas
   Photographic Evidence Shows Local Mom Used To Be Attractive - Onion Radio News
   Radioactive Mama - Sheldon Allman
   I Like My Mother - Dr. Chris Kammer
   Mother's Day Song - Stephen Lynch / A Little Bit Special
   Don't Tell Mom - Soggy Potato Chips
   Roll on Big Mama - Joe Stampley
   Banged Your Mom - The KGB Singers 
   Boil The Kettle, Mother - The Id
   Livin' With Your Mom - The Bell Isle Rats
   An Area Mom Is Freaking Out for No Reason Again - Onion Radio News
   Mother Goose Medley - Spike Jones / Strictly For Music Lovers
   Groucho’s Mother - Groucho Marx
   Mama Doesn't Live Here - Hendra and Ullett
   Single Mom - Steve Goodie
   Mamas Don't Let Your Kids Grow Up To Be Malfoys - Steve Goodie
   Rasta Mother - Chuck Wagon and the Wheels
   Mother Of Pearl - Nellie McKay / Obligatory Villagers
   My Dear Departed Mother - Tom Tuerff / This Is So Wrong

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