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They Won't Play This On The Country Western Radio

By: Art Paul Schlosser


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Well to begin with I should mention that when I was a little kid I heard Tiny Tim on the radio.I also saw Tiny Tim on Laugh In.So for some reason or other I thought if I learned the Ukulele it would make me great.Well it was fun and I really enjoyed learning these songs and I have to admit this CD doesn't sound completely like my others.The Heavy Metal Ukulele song on this CD I came up with as an original idea and it is a Ukulele that is being played into a microphone but though it sounds electric it isn't the first time anyone has done this.I was told that Tiny Tim had a Heavy Metal Band.So about the CD it is a bunch of songs that I learned to play with some finger picking pulling notes out of the chords and playing kind of bluegrass style on a Baratone Ukulele.A Baratone Ukulele is more like the Guitar.It's tuning is similar to the bottom 4 strings on the Guitar which are the notes D G B & E.With the old folk songs I've added some of your favorite ART PAUL songs.It was originally ment to be a little cassette tape I was going to sell as I toured the country playing my Ukulele but I never really decided to tour and the market for the cassette tape was bottoming out at the time.Alot of these songs I had been practicing in the Mountains of Colorado and if you live near Boulder you might have seen me one day playing on the street there.I also played I like my mother at an open mic somewhere near where me and a priest friend where camping.Well that covers most of the songs and the ones later on the CD are kind of an attempt to record a Country cassette but their more like a Country Novelty songs.They Won't Play This On The Country Western Radio was inspired by a friend of mine who plays Blue Grass on the a local radio station here where I live who said that's really not country and all The Comercial Country stations that really play Country Pop that sounds more and more like Country Rock everyday.How does the solo act get his country song on the radio ? So here is another ART PAUL SCHLOSSER CD with country and bluegrass styles of music in it and you wonder will there be more country and bluegrass in the future ? Should I say the title of one of the songs Neither Either or nor or just say only time will tell ?artpaul 


YearTypeLabelCatalog # 
2000CDlittle songs(artpaul)


  • This is ART PAUL's 7th CD (artpaul)
  • The CD originally was released by little sounds and then Art Paul re-released it under his own lable Art Paul Schlosser Inc. (artpaul)
  • Messages about the album: "They Won't Play This On The Country Western Radio"

    artpaul   Offline  -  Artist  -  03-13-08 06:32 AM  -  16 years ago
    Thanks !
    Stavro Arrgolus   Offline  -  Editor, MP3  -  03-13-08 10:08 AM  -  16 years ago
    I fixed the link for that. It now goes to a song called 'Misery Loves Company'. The song ID numbers appear in sequence on Wayne's song list, so I'm assuming they're for this album. If this is the wrong version, then the right page will have to be located or he will have to make a new page for it when he gets a moment. He'll also have to fix the 'Boyfriend's Mean' title you mentioned yesterday. I don't have access to that yet.
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