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Demented Music and Other Delights

By: David Tanny


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Featuring "Demented Music", "I Had Sex With Paris Hilton", and more commercial parodies!davidtanny 
This CD features 28 tracks of comedy, novelty, weird, commentary, and nerdcore.

01. Radio Jingle (2009) - a rerecording of the DFSX jingle

02. Demented Music (2008) - a parody of "American Music" made famous by The Violent Femmes. It's a dead-on lyrical parody and imitation of the original song that celebrates demented music.

03. TV Love (2008) - a song dedicated to the catch phrases of most of the TV shows of the 1970s.

04. El Zono de Loco (2009) - this is a dark sendup of a commercial that makes fun of a competetor's greasy fried chicken being eaten by a dying consumer.

05. Fantasy Penninsula (2009) - a sendup of the TV show "Fantasy Island" featuring a man who travels back to the year 1976.

06. Coco Crisp (2007) - it's a baseball player and a cereal in this takeoff of the Saturday Night Live "Shimmer" commercial spoof from 1975. This was one of the commercial parodies from the Stupid Audio era.

07. Watch The Frog 4: Catching Chicks (2009) - this time, Dave and the Frog travel outside to catch some chicks.

08. Mac vs. PC Spoof: Reagan vs. Gorbachev (2009) - what if it was 1985 when these two once ruled their own countries and they did this conversation in the style of a Mac vs. PC commercial?

09. Glenn Beck Easy Hang-Up (2009) - this sendup of a device you attatch to a telephone features a radio talk show host who had a meltdown on the air.

10. Burger Dictator (2009) - what if the burger place was a dictatorship instead of a monarchy?

11. Mac vs. PC Spoof: Atari vs. Intellivision (2009) - this time, it's 1981, and the Mac vs. PC style invades the early video game console battle.

12. I.D. Secure (2009) - be very careful about giving out your Social Security number, like, don't give it out over the air where millions of people will make a note of it.

13. CBS Daytime 2009 - It's a Whose Line Is It Anyway way of casting the five daytime CBS shows.

14. Crappy's Land Line Phones (2009) - let's go back to the simpler days where telephones were once on a cord.

15. Mac vs. PC Spoof: Coke vs. Pepsi (2009) - it's the cola wars Mac vs. PC style!

16. Tennessee Fried Chicken (2009) - Colonel Flanders gets to rebut on his competetor's slamming of his restaurants in their ads.

17. Mannah Fontana Products (2009) - could Hannah Montana canned squid be far behind?

18. Today on ABZ (2009) - what TV seems to be like on ABC

19. Crappy's Rabbit Ear Antennas (2009) - ditch expensive cable and return to free TV!

20. Earl Lieb's Meat Market (2009) - a sendup of those meat slaughterhouse businesses.

21. Today on NBZ (2009) - another sendup of network TV promos.

22. The CW Fall 2009 Lineup (2009) - recycling old ideas is the theme of the network.

23. Bankruptcy Blowout (2009) - seen some ads that mention everything, except...

24: Today on the Dizmal Channel (2009) - it's wall-to-wall Hannah Montana, with Mickey Mouse nowhere to be found.

25. Mac vs. PC vs. Stan (2009) - a tribute to the genius advertising mind of Stan Freberg.

26. Lighten Up (2009) - a crazy product that you won't legally see.

27. Classroom Sketch (2009) - featuring an instructor trying to teach a lesson on the music of "Weird Al" Yankovic.

28. Paris Hilton (2009) - our final cut is the funniest lyrical parody of the year. It's a sendup on the series of "I Had Sex With" songs recorded by Barnes and Barnes. We figured that we better write a new melody instead of recycling the same melody the duo used in five of their "I Had Sex With" songs they created.



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  • Track 27 mentions that the day's lesson is about "Weird Al" Yankovic (davidtanny)
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