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A Cast Of Thousands
Contact: E-Mail (acastofthousands) 
Date Born/Group Began: 1996 (windblwn) 
Date Died/Group Ended: 2004 (acastofthousands) 
Also Known As:
Keith Bielmeier From: 1998 To: 2004 (acastofthousands)
Mark Allen Holt From: 1996 To: 2004 (acastofthousands)
Michael Mroziak From: 1996 To: 2004 (acastofthousands)
See Also:
Not Off The Wire
  • Founded in 1996 by former college mates Mark Allen Holt and Michael Mroziak, who wrote and performed previously during their college years under the name "The Village Idiots." The duo were influenced by various British, American and Canadian comedy acts.

    A Cast of Thousands released its first CD in 1997, "Please Buy This CD", the same year they premiered on the Dr. Demento radio show. The troupe also appeared on Canadian radio, debuting in 1998 on "Radio Stage with Cap'n Dave" on CIUT-FM, Toronto. Keith Bielmeier joined the group in 1998. The troupe, who also worked with other members off and on throughout the history of the group, released five albums from 1997 to 2003, followed by a 'best-ofs and early demos' compilation in 2008.

    The troupe last performed together on an episode of the Cap'n Dave Show, CIUT-FM in Toronto, Canada in February 2004.

    Since then, Bielmeier has remained active in music, performing as an accomplished keyboardist with bands in the Buffalo, New York area as well as a vocalist with the Buffalo Philharmonic Chorus. Holt is a respected actor in the Syracuse, New York theater scene, having performed in productions ranging from comedies to Shakespeare. Mroziak has worked as a voice talent and producer in diverse projects in the Buffalo, New York area, including original planetarium productions, radio journalism and other media work. (acastofthousands)

  •  Songs 10-10-666 A Christmas Carol Massacre II A Complaint Call A New Treatment A Radio Christmas Card (excerpt with Talking Boyd Commercial) A Word From Our Sponsor A Xmas Message From The ACLU ACLU Xmas.mp3 Act One Act Two Alan Greenspan Anchors, Part Four, The Anchors, Part One, The Anchors, Part Three, The Anchors, Part Two, The'll_Know_We're_Americans_By_Our_Guns.mp3 And They'll Know We're Americans By Our Guns Ants & The Grasshopper, The Around the Block From Sesame Street Bad Southern Winter Driving Balance of Power'_Porn.mp3 Ben Kurns' Porn Ben Shyster Bible In Record Time, The's_Diamonds.mp3 Big Daddy's Diamonds Bob Allen For President Broadcasting: The Absolute Truth Capitalist Nature Poem Chef Pierre & Dr. Genius Christmas With John Ashcroft City News Radio Classic Rock Radio Request Hour Clear Blue Sleazy Darwin Games II, The Darwin Games, The Deaf Mute Poetry Death of Salesman Part 2 Dictators R Us Epilogue: Please Buy This CD Equal Time Flag Sketch, The's_War.mp3 Geraldo's War's_Society.mp3 Handsome Men's Society History (War) Network, The I Am A Hypocrite Joe McCarthy & Right Wingz Late Night with Melvin Schmeff Late Night With Melvin Schmeffel (1995 Demo)'s_Disclaimer_(1995).mp3 Mark's Disclaimer (1995)
    Message Nathan Hale News From Buffalo (1993), The News From Middle Earth, The Originality Guaranteed Our New Style Please Buy This CD Porno Script Writer (1998 Demo) Press Conference Psychic Hotline Risk Limbo Safe Drivers Satire Police Part 1, The Satire Police Part 2, The Satire Police Part 3, The Schindler's List Shroud of Turin Shut Up Song, The - (with 'Joe McCarthy & Right Wingz') Snuff Radio Spot The Liberal Super Media Superhero Sketch, The - (with 'Break Media') Tarot Card Reader've_Never_Really_Heard.mp3 Things You've Never Really Heard Uncle Mad Dog Uncle Mad Dog (1995 Demo) Village Idiots Troupe Commercial War Sketch, The William Henry Harrison XMAS Carol Massacre

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