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The Gomers
Contact: E-Mail (Mr. Beefy) 
Date Born/Group Began: Dec. 1, 1986 (Mr. Beefy) 
Date Died/Group Ended: Still Active (artpaul) 
Also Known As:
Andy Wallman (vocals/tambourine) From: 1988 To: present (Mr. Beefy)
Biff Blumfumgagnge (violin/mandolin/guitar/bass/vocals) From: 1986 To: present (Mr. Beefy)
Dave Adler (keyboards, vocals) From: 1988 To: present (Mr. Beefy)
Geoff Brady (drums/theremin/percussion) From: 2000 To: present (Mr. Beefy)
Gordon Ranney (bass/vocals/guitar) From: 1986 To: present (Mr. Beefy)
Gregg Rullman (drums) From: 1988 To: present (Mr. Beefy)
Mark Hervey (guitar/vocals) From: 1986 To: present (Mr. Beefy)
Stephen Burke (guitar/vocals) From: 1988 To: present (Mr. Beefy)
The Gomers began in 1986 in Madison, WI. They play weekly on Tuesday nights (and the 1st & 3rd Fridays at Happy Hour) at the High Noon Saloon in a show called "ROCKSTAR GOMEROKE:" Karaoke with a live Rock Band. The sizable songlist: (search GOMEROKE on Youtube to see the fun).

Their new (2008) release called MIKE ZIRKEL THE ALBUM features special guests Robert Fripp & Adrian Belew. Other releases include SOFA KING GOOD and SALT & SUGAR. Their version of "It's Not Unusual" is played weekly on WMMM 105.5fm in Madison, WI.

Two Madison Mayors have decreed FEB 1 as GOMER DAY in Madison, WI. Other awards and credentials: and


News: Their new (2008) release called MIKE ZIRKEL THE ALBUM, features special guests Robert Fripp & Adrian Belew and is available at

Gomer home:

Rockstar Gomeroke live karaoke:
(Mr. Beefy)
A free download and the following is from: MadTracks -- 'Things Fall Apart' by The Gomers Tom Laskin on Thursday 01/10/2008 1:15 pm Mike Zirkel (The Album) by The Gomers Say, doesn't that howling, squalling, downright otherworldly freak-out guitar work punctuating "Things Fall Apart" from the new Mike Zirkel (The Album) by The Gomers sound familiar? Well, it should. At least to connoisseurs of weirdo pop and rock. That's because it comes from Adrian Belew, who's blown out more than a few fuses with the likes of Frank Zappa, David Bowie, and King Crimson -- and of course, his own bands. His contributions to this tough, lowing prog groove were recorded separately at Belew's home studio outside Nashville by The Gomers' Biff Blumfumgagnge, who's spent nearly 20 years serving on Belew's tours as a guitar tech and sometime violinist. Unsurprisingly, the guitar craziness adds energy to the tune, but it also merges seamlessly with the sardonic, Zappa-meets-Kiss vibe The Gomers are working. Undoubtedly, the prog blogs will be impressed. More music by the group can be found at its MySpace page with details of its illustrious past available on its Wikipedia entry. The Gomers will debut their new album with a one-night only edition of The Midnight Special with Wolfman Jack + Gomers CD Release Party at the High Noon Saloon on Saturday, January 12. This show will pay homage to the old-school rock 'n' roll TV show featuring the iconic disc jockey, and introduce The Gomers' latest to Madison.- Mr. Beefy
The Onion A/V club review: A lot of mildly odd bands call themselves "experimental" these days, but on the The Gomers' new MIKE ZIRKEL THE ALBUM (named for a Smart Studios engineer the band forgot to credit on its last release), the Madison group remains unafraid to build sonic spatter-art from the kind of stuff most bands would put to the side for use in "crazy" hidden tracks. The album's best melding of queasy disorientation and something resembling pop music comes on "Things Fall Apart" - the track's guest guitarist, Adrian Belew (who's worked with David Bowie, Talking Heads and King Crimson), is perfectly in his element alongside rich synth work and throaty vocals. Another King Crimson alum, Robert Fripp, turns in a guitar-synth solo amid the tabla drums and disembodied chatter of "Fripping the Rude Oud." Expect this CD Release show to hold just as many bizarre surprises; it'll include a tribute to late radio and TV personality Wolfman Jack and The Midnight Special, a musical variety show on which he served as announcer, and to some of the bands that played on it.- Mr. Beefy
from - Get hep to The Gomers THE GOMERS, Mike Zirkel The Album Beeftone Music The Gomers are a Madison institution, and two Madison mayors have issued proclamations to prove it. The band appears weekly at the High Noon Saloon as a human karaoke machine called Gomeroke. They are also the house band at the annual Madison Area Music Awards. All of which explains why The Gomers are also known as “Madison’s House Band.” Recorded in “lush, stereophonic Gomer-Vision," Mike Zirkel The Album provides several sonic clues to why The Gomers have become a household word in Madison homes. For example, the Wisconsin Dept. of Tourism ought to get in touch with The Gomers about using their song “I Been Over Dere” in future promotional efforts. In a deft bow to Johnny Cash and his song “I’ve Been Everywhere,” the Gomers’ pack as many Wisconsin city and town names into the song as they can in 2 minutes and 20 seconds. See if your favorite one is there. Plus they use the term “dairy air.” Can’t wait to see the tour that takes them to every community mentioned. The eight members of The Gomers are musicians, comedians and master parodists. And they have some cool friends, such as Adrian Belew (Frank Zappa, David Bowie, King Crimson), who plays some furious guitar on “Things Fall Apart; Robert Fripp (King Crimson, David Bowie, Peter Gabriel), who ads voice and guitar synth to “Fripping the Rude Oud”; and Icelandic drummer Siggi Baldursson (The Sugarcubes, Bjork, Reptile Palace Orchestra), who beats his trademark dry ice sound in the brief “Homosexuals & Lesbians.” Nice to have those guys stop by, but The Gomers don’t really need any help. Not since dear old Vivian Stanshall and the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band have we had anything as buoyant and pixilated as most of the 20 songs on the new CD. String wizard Biff Blumfumgagnge’s “Crime Scene” – which begins with the line “Don’t you hate it when the toilet’s a crime scene?” – is especially in the Bonzo mold. Mixed in throughout are odd, cartoonish sounds, commentary, rants, asides, bon mots and killer licks. There is also a dance song that could be as big as the Macarena – “Dance Jack Palance,” a discussion of the “Hobo Jungle Circuit” and a Les Paul rant on “Les Floyd or Pink Paul?” (The Gomers once performed with Mr. Paul, so the rant may be real – and, if so, it’s even funnier). The album goes out on a commercial for The Gomers, with professional “ululations” provided by Rob Haggar, who has a great outro punchline when he identifies himself at the end. Oh, the album is named Mike Zirkel because Mike Zirkel, chief engineer at Smart Studios in Madison, worked on The Gomers’ last album but was inadvertently left off the credits. What a very Gomerly thing to do! Check out the band at, or catch them live at the High Noon ( (article by Jim Lundstrom)- Mr. Beefy
  • The Gomers are a Madison,Wisconsin institution that regularly perform shows at the High Noon Saloon which they call Gomeroke and you can sing with the Gomers. (artpaul)
  • 2 Madison Mayors have decreed Feb 1. as GOMER DAY in Madison, WI USA. (Mr. Beefy)
  • Keyboardist Dave Adler was Bobby Ricotta on Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine's first 2 CD's. (Mr. Beefy)
  • The Gomers' ROCKSTAR GOMEROKE live band karaoke show repeats every Tuesday night at 9pm and the 1st & 3rd fridays of each month at Happy Hour at the High Noon Saloon ( in Madison, WI (Mr. Beefy)
  • Rob Zombie likes the Zombeatles (Mr. Beefy)
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