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The Jerky Boys
Date Born/Group Began: 1989 (MarlinsGirl) 
Date Died/Group Ended:
Also Known As:
John G. Brennan AKA Johnny B. (MarlinsGirl)
Kamal Ahmed AKA Kamal From: 1989 To: 2000 (MarlinsGirl)
The Jerky Boys are an influential American comedy duo from Queens, New York, whose routine consisted of prank telephone calls and other related skits. Formed in 1989, The Jerky Boys was made up of former childhood friends Johnny B., and Kamal. Since 2000, when Kamal left the act, The Jerky Boys have continued on as a solo act featuring Brennan.

The calls were made by ringing up unsuspecting recipients, or in response to classified advertisements placed in local New York-based newspapers. Each call was made in character, usually with over the top voices influenced by the duo's family members.

According to their current record label,, the act has sold over 8,000,000 CD's since their 1993 debut.

 Songs's_My_Driving.mp3 1-800-How's My Driving - (with 'Jerky Boys') 1000 Chickens Trilogy Part 1 - (with 'Jerky Boys') 1000 Chickens Trilogy Part II - (with 'Jerky Boys') 1000 Chickens Trilogy Part III - (with 'Jerky Boys') A Little Emergency - (with 'Jerky Boys') A Little Information - (with 'Jerky Boys') All County Fence - (with 'Jerky Boys')'s_Dad.mp3 Angry Camper's Dad - (with 'Jerky Boys') Auto Mechanic - (with 'Jerky Boys') Bacon - (with 'Jerky Boys') Bad Ass Massage - (with 'Jerky Boys') Bad Tomatoes - (with 'Jerky Boys') Ball Game Beating - (with 'Jerky Boys') Balloon Rides - (with 'Jerky Boys')!.mp3 Bamm! - (with 'Jerky Boys') Big Hock - (with 'Jerky Boys') Bird Feed - (with 'Jerky Boys') Boats Express - (with 'Jerky Boys') Body Building - (with 'Jerky Boys') Breast Enlargement - (with 'Jerky Boys') Bright - (with 'Jerky Boys') Burial Vaults - (with 'Jerky Boys') Car Salesman - (with 'Jerky Boys') Chainsaw Shock (Part 2) - (with 'Jerky Boys') Chineese Laundry - (with 'Jerky Boys') Civil War Memorabilia (Part 2) - (with 'Jerky Boys') Cold Feet - (with 'Jerky Boys') Controversial Ad - (with 'Jerky Boys') Cremation Services - (with 'Jerky Boys') Dead Pet Removal - (with 'Jerky Boys') Defective Dog - (with 'Jerky Boys') Dental Malpractice - (with 'Jerky Boys') Diamond Dealer - (with 'Jerky Boys') Dresser, The - (with 'Jerky Boys') Drinking Problem - (with 'Jerky Boys') Driving School Healer - (with 'Jerky Boys') Duck Cleaning - (with 'Jerky Boys') Egyption Magician - (with 'Jerky Boys') Errant Sperm - (with 'Jerky Boys') Facelift Without Surgery - (with 'Jerky Boys') Fanning My Balls - (with 'Jerky Boys') Fava Beans - (with 'Jerky Boys') Firecracker Mishap Florida. the Tropical State - (with 'Jerky Boys') Flower Lady #1 - (with 'Jerky Boys') Flower Lady #2 - (with 'Jerky Boys') Flower Lady #3 - (with 'Jerky Boys') Flower Lady #4 - (with 'Jerky Boys') Food & Drug Complaint - (with 'Jerky Boys') Franks Pickles - (with 'Jerky Boys') Gay Hairdresser - (with 'Jerky Boys') Gay Hard Hat - (with 'Jerky Boys') Gay Model, The - (with 'Jerky Boys') Glassblower - (with 'Jerky Boys') Hair Vitamins - (with 'Jerky Boys') Hello Ray (the Phone Man) - (with 'Jerky Boys') Herman - (with 'Jerky Boys')!.mp3 Hey Sir! - (with 'Jerky Boys') Home Wrecker, The - (with 'Jerky Boys') Hot Rod Mover - (with 'Jerky Boys') Hucklebuck - (with 'Jerky Boys') Hurt at Work - (with 'Jerky Boys') Husband Beating - (with 'Jerky Boys') I Pickle They - (with 'Jerky Boys')'m_A_Diva.mp3 I'm A Diva - (with 'Jerky Boys') Insulator Job - (with 'Jerky Boys') Irate Tile Man - (with 'Jerky Boys') Kissel Crooner - (with 'Jerky Boys') Kissel Sails - (with 'Jerky Boys') Language Center - (with 'Jerky Boys') Laser Surgery - (with 'Jerky Boys') Laundromat - (with 'Jerky Boys') Lawn Equipment Debate - (with 'Jerky Boys') Lawnmower Sale - (with 'Jerky Boys')'s_Messages_1.mp3 Lionel's Messages 1 - (with 'Jerky Boys')'s_Messages_2.mp3 Lionel's Messages 2 - (with 'Jerky Boys')'s_Messages_3.mp3 Lionel's Messages 3 - (with 'Jerky Boys')'s_Messages_4.mp3 Lionel's Messages 4 - (with 'Jerky Boys') Little Elves - (with 'Jerky Boys') Make Air Not War - (with 'Jerky Boys') Mariposa - (with 'Jerky Boys') Marriage Insurance - (with 'Jerky Boys') Masturbation Box - (with 'Jerky Boys') Mattress King, The - (with 'Jerky Boys') Mining for Scotty - (with 'Jerky Boys') Moonlight Matinee - (with 'Jerky Boys')!er.mp3 Mother F@!#er - (with 'Jerky Boys')'s_Messages_1.mp3 Musacha's Messages 1 - (with 'Jerky Boys')'s_Messages_2.mp3 Musacha's Messages 2 - (with 'Jerky Boys')'s_Messages_3.mp3 Musacha's Messages 3 - (with 'Jerky Boys')'s_Messages_4.mp3 Musacha's Messages 4 - (with 'Jerky Boys')'s_Messages_5.mp3 Musacha's Messages 5 - (with 'Jerky Boys')'s_Messages_6.mp3 Musacha's Messages 6 - (with 'Jerky Boys')'s_Messages_7.mp3 Musacha's Messages 7 - (with 'Jerky Boys') Musachas Messages 8 - (with 'Jerky Boys') Musachas Messages 9 - (with 'Jerky Boys') Nam Hu - (with 'Jerky Boys') Need to Dance, The - (with 'Jerky Boys') New Awnings - (with 'Jerky Boys')!.mp3 No! - (with 'Jerky Boys') Nuts to You - (with 'Jerky Boys') Pablo Honey - (with 'Jerky Boys') Paradise - (with 'Jerky Boys') Pet Cobra - (with 'Jerky Boys') Piano Tuner - (with 'Jerky Boys') Pick Up Pie - (with 'Jerky Boys')'s_Mexican_Hairpiece.mp3 Pico's Mexican Hairpiece - (with 'Jerky Boys') Pizza Lawyer - (with 'Jerky Boys') Pork Friend Rice - (with 'Jerky Boys') Punitive Damages Rizzo the Rainmaker - (with 'Jerky Boys') Roofing - (with 'Jerky Boys') Rosnie Likes Balloons - (with 'Jerky Boys') Safety Gates - (with 'Jerky Boys')'s_Delivery.mp3 Santa's Delivery - (with 'Jerky Boys') Scaffolding - (with 'Jerky Boys') Security Service - (with 'Jerky Boys') Send A Salami to Your Boy - (with 'Jerky Boys') Sewer Rooter - (with 'Jerky Boys') Sex Therapy - (with 'Jerky Boys')'.mp3 Signin' - (with 'Jerky Boys') Silly Food - (with 'Jerky Boys')!!.mp3 Silverman Baby!! - (with 'Jerky Boys')'s_Chainsaw_Shock.mp3 Sol's Chainsaw Shock - (with 'Jerky Boys')'s_Civil_War_Memorabilia.mp3 Sol's Civil War Memorabilia - (with 'Jerky Boys')'s_Glasses.mp3 Sol's Glasses - (with 'Jerky Boys')'s_Naked_Photo.mp3 Sol's Naked Photo - (with 'Jerky Boys')'s_Nude_Beach.mp3 Sol's Nude Beach - (with 'Jerky Boys')'s_Phobia.mp3 Sol's Phobia - (with 'Jerky Boys')'s_Thermometer_Mishap.mp3 Sol's Thermometer Mishap - (with 'Jerky Boys')'s_Turnstile.mp3 Sol's Turnstile - (with 'Jerky Boys')'s_Warts.mp3 Sol's Warts - (with 'Jerky Boys') Sparky the Clown - (with 'Jerky Boys') Special Delivery - (with 'Jerky Boys') Spider Monkey - (with 'Jerky Boys') Sporting Goods - (with 'Jerky Boys') Starter Motor Repair - (with 'Jerky Boys') Stop that - (with 'Jerky Boys') Super Across the Way - (with 'Jerky Boys') Super Gay - (with 'Jerky Boys') Sushi Chef - (with 'Jerky Boys') Synchronized Swimming - (with 'Jerky Boys') Tandem Bicycles - (with 'Jerky Boys')'s_New_Shoes.mp3 Tarbash's New Shoes - (with 'Jerky Boys') Tarbashs Car Trouble - (with 'Jerky Boys') Terrorist Pizza - (with 'Jerky Boys') Testing for Jeopardy - (with 'Jerky Boys') Tile Job - (with 'Jerky Boys') Trains - (with 'Jerky Boys') Truck Registration - (with 'Jerky Boys') TV Repair - (with 'Jerky Boys') Uncle Freddie Unemployed Painter - (with 'Jerky Boys') Verrazano Bridge - (with 'Jerky Boys') Volunteer - (with 'Jerky Boys')'s_Wrong_With_This_World!.mp3 What's Wrong With This World! - (with 'Jerky Boys') Willie the Jackass - (with 'Jerky Boys') You Wanna Scrap - (with 'Jerky Boys')
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