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Richard Pryor
Date Born/Group Began: 12/01/1940 (peterpuck9) 
Date Died/Group Ended: 12/10/2005 (peterpuck9) 
Also Known As:

 Songs 280 Pound Ass Acid Acid (Alternate Version) Africa After Hours Ali (Bonus Track) Army Army Life Army, The Ass Wupin' a*****e Back Down, The Being Born Being Famous Being Sensitive Bicentennial n****r (2) Bicentennial Prayer Big **** Birth Control Black & White Life Styles Black + White Women Black and Proud Black And White Lifestyles Black Films Black Funerals Black Hollywood Black Man/White Woman Black Messiah Black Power Black Preachers Black Preachers Blackjack Blow Our Image Blue Eyed Devil
Burnin' Up Chain Gang Chinese Food Chinese Restaurant Cocaine Colored Folks Cool Cops,The Lineup Crap Game Death Deer Hunter Directions Discipline Dog Dogs and Horses Dope,Wino,Panthers Dracula Eulogy Exorcist Faith Healer Fame (Part One) Fame (Part Two)'.mp3 Fartin' Farting Fighting Fire Exit Flying Saucers Frankenstein Freebase f**k From Memory f**k The ****** Get A Little'_High.mp3 Gettin' High'_Some.mp3 Gettin' Some'_The_Nut.mp3 Gettin' the Nut Getting Older Getting Some Girls God Goodnight Kiss, The Got a Dollar's_Place.mp3 Hank's Place Have Your Ass Home By 11:00 Heart And Brain Heart Attacks Here And Now Hillbilly Hippy Dippys History Lesson Hospital't_Give_A_Fuck.mp3 I Don't Give A f**k I Feel'm_Funny.mp3 I Hope I'm Funny I Like Women I Met The President I Remember I Spy Cops I'm a Negro Improv Part 1 Improv Part 2 Indians Inebriated Insurance Man Interview Introduction - Tom Dreesen'_Off.mp3 Jackin' Off Jail Jesus Saves Jim Brown Jim Brown (alternate) Just Us Keeping In Shape Kids Law, The Leon Spinks Life Line-Up, The M.S. Mafia Club Mankind Masturbating Monkeys Motherland Movie Stars In The Bathroom Mudbone Mudbone (Part One) Mudbone (Part Two) Mudbone - Intro Mudbone - Little Feets Mudbone Goes To Hollywood My Funeral Nature Negro Judge New n*****s's_Eve.mp3 New Year's Eve n****r Babies n****r With A Seizure n*****s & Italians n*****s Vs. The Police One Day At A Time One Night Stands Our Gang Our Text For Today Passin' Gas Patty Hearst Peoria Playboy Club Prelude'_Black_Baby.mp3 Pres' Black Baby President Nixon President, The Prison Prison Play Religion'm_Not_Him_version).mp3 Religion (Who Me? I'm Not Him version) Rumpelstiltskin Shortage Of White People Slavery'_In_Poo_Poo.mp3 Slippin' In Poo Poo Smells'_Pussy.mp3 Snappin' ***** Southern Hospitality Street Corner Wino Sugar Ray Super n****r Super n****r T.V. Panel Show Tarzan Taxi Cabs & Subways Therapy Thngs in the Woods'_to_Get_Some.mp3 Tryin' to Get Some'S.mp3 W.A.S.P.'S War War Movies Wattstax Monologue Weasle When Your Woman Leaves You White And Black People White Folks Whorehouse Part 1 Whorehouse Part 2 Wino & Junkie Wino & Junkie (alternate) Wino And Junkie Wino Dealing With Dracula Wino Panthers Women Women Are Beautiful Youre a Trick
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