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Artist Details

Screech & Bif
Contact: E-Mail (Screech ) 
Date Born/Group Began: Mid 2002 (Screech ) 
Date Died/Group Ended: Late 2003 (Screech ) 
Also Known As:
Screech & Biff (Screech )
Inspired by artists like "Weird Al" Yankovic and "Stompin' Tom" Connors, Screech began writing songs in 1997, just as a hobby, he didn't excpect to get them recorded or anything. But in 2001, he met Bif. Bif owns his own recording studio, and he offered to help Screech get a CD recorded. Screech said yes, of course. From SKA bands like "Aqua", to folk bands like "Original Cast", and folk trios like "Peter, Paul and Mary", to 1980s rock bands like "The Bugles", Screech's musical influences are many and diverse. Released in 2002, Screech & Bif - Country Cussin has been played on a few university radio stations, and they were even able to give a copy to Nationally syndicated disc jockey Dr. Demento. As well as some other U.S. radio stations. "Screech & Bif - Country Cussin" features 11 tracks... "I'm Lifting Up A Jet Plane" is a satire song about DC Comics' Kryptonite king "Superman", as well as "Kevin Spencer's Blues", Screech's homage to the Canadian hit TV show, "Kevin Spencer". There's also an ode to "Weird Al" Yankovic, rightly called "An Ode To Weird Al", and 2 songs that lampoon the TV show "South Park"... "Kenny's Story" and "South Park Is Great". There's also "The Law & Order Blues", an homage to NBC's long-running drama series "Law & Order". "Jughead Jones" is Screech's dead-on song about Archie Comics' Jughead Jones. Then, there's "One Dead Singer", an excellent song that bashes Elvis Presley. "Lewinski" is a hilarious satirization that pokes fun at the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky sex scandal. There's also "Cleo", which is a spoof of the so-called "tarot card reader" Miss Cleo; and last but not least, "Hacker" is about a computer hacker who can't seem to find anything better to do with his time. --- Screech Martin- Screech

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(Screech )

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