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Bill Slater
Contact: E-Mail (qeditor) 
Date Born/Group Began: 1956 (qeditor) 
Date Died/Group Ended:
Also Known As:
Icarus Fell (qeditor)
Jeff Leece (Bass Guitar) From: 2007 To: present (qeditor)
Jerry Donato (Horns) From: 2004 To: Present (qeditor)
Jimi Powers (Lead Guitar) From: 2004 To: present (qeditor)
Jimmy Severino (guitar) From: 1975 To: Present (qeditor)
Mike Bolenbach (Engineer God) From: 2004 To: present (qeditor)
Mindy Nilson (Vocals) From: 2004 To: present (qeditor)
Phil Janzen (Drums) From: 2004 To: present (qeditor)
Roger Johnson (Lead Guitar) From: 1984 To: present (qeditor)
Steve Mitchell (Lead Guitar) From: 2005 To: Present (qeditor)
Tony Severino (Bass guitar) From: 1979 To: present (qeditor)
Eclectic is his middle name...well maybe not his REAL middle name, but it is a mix of Beatles, Jethro Tull, XTC, humorous power pop and more...and we're not kidding.

September, 2006
Bill Slater, formerly of “Slater & Shellans” has released his first solo project “Lines & Circles” on label Futurama Records. Most of the session musicians from his previous two CD projects (”Living in Absentia” and “Creatures of Habit”) appear on this musical treat, including Phil Janzen (drums) Mindy Nilson (vocals) Jerry Donato (saxophone and flute) Wilson Gillette (pedal steel), Jimi Powers (lead guitar), and Tony Severino (bass). They are joined by new artists Steve Mitchell (lead guitar), Roger Johnson (lead guitar), Arizona blues legend Carey Slade (vocals), Charlene Tarango (vocals) and last but not least, the wizardry of engineer Mike Bolenbach of Full Well Recording.

An eclectic mix of The Beatles, Michael Penn, XTC, and Frank Zappa all delivered as bitingly satirical, original and humorous power pop makes this a selection where everyone can find their favorite.

April, 2007

"Icarus Fell" is both the name of the band and the much anticipated next CD from Bill Slater. (Who's anticipating it you ask?, naturally.) Due out Spring 2008, "Icarus Fell" is a killer disc with eclectic songs that range in styles from The Who, Dream Theater and Yes to The Beatles and Pink Floyd. This time around, the band has been scaled back to a more manageable (and tighter sounding) four-piece; Roger Johnson (lead acoustic and electric guitars), Tony Severino (bass) Phil Janzen (drums) and Bill (everything else - what a guy!). The songs listed on this page are a combination of tunes from his last three CD's; "Lines & Circles", "Creatures of Habit"and "Living in Absentia". Visit for updates, links to Bill's book and other CD's and much more...and thanks for listening.
Some Pithy Reviews (no lisp intended) Great Composition and dreamland lyrics! This song starts out with a great "Lamb Lies Down On Broadway" kind of intro! Really great with the drums breaking and the keys tumbling over! Nice!The lyrics are really fitting the music! Progressive and a bit weird! Have you ever listened to Genesis (early years)? I guess you would like them! The compositions are in finest shape too! Nothing wrong there - they are created with great innovative and progressive sense! Good work guys! Respect From Drone! Extra Credit: Keyboards, Lyrics, Originality. - Rasmuss jogren, ÅRhus C, Denmark Synth- BOOYA! YES!!! Right from the start I dug this tune with the synth opener. I can't help but make comparisons to the great 70s rock prog bands Yes and ELP. The vocals are pretty cool too, very audible. I like the "that's all she wrote" backing vocal. The lead guitar player plays some explosive passages which compliment the song very well. There are just some pure epic parts in the song. The drummer clearly has some chops... It's really like an all you can eat drum buffet. This song kicks! Keep dishing it out and making huge music. This is a very well thought out song. Nice work. Extra Credit: Guitars, Drums, Keyboards, Originality, Most Rocking Track. Michael Spalluto, Boston Ziggy This song reminds me of Ziggy Stardust era Bowie. I like the way the song starts with a neat little keyboard part. I like the use of a slide guitar. Makes the song different from everything else. I like the direction of this band. It sounds vintage. The song is written well, and the solos are cool and creative. Extra Credit: Guitars, Mood. ETHAN REDDING, Cleveland Odd but good This is an unusual track but i like it. The band is tight and the vocals are fine. The lyrics tell a story well. The guitarist is tres bien. Good album track. Brigitta Fazekas, Belarus Good song! Very Yes like intro with the spastic synths. I love the background yells ('Thats all she wrote!') Great classical work on both drums and guitar, very clean and together. Its a very calming, folky, and when the keys come in it grows to the progressiveness you speak of. The lyrics seem very personal, and are sung great, changing with the mood of the song. Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Keyboards, Production, Lyrics, Mood, Best Feel Good Track. Myles O'Donnell, Lombard Illinois nice job The keyboard to this song is especially great. I like how they used a creative sounding keyboard part instead of just guitar. The bluesy tone guitar works very well, and all the sounds are used well and appropriately for the song. Its a different type of song and the band definitely has their own unique sound. The lead guitar part in the bridge really gives an emotional edge that other songs of this genre don’t have, the lead guitar is great in it, although brief it fits well. Overall very good job, and good luck Extra Credit: Originality, Most Rocking Track Jon Craig, Pennsylvania Rush to the diamond Intro reminds me of rush. Drums are cool nice flams and fills. It all fits well. props to the drummer. Lyrics are kind of humorous not bad. Good song I would listen again. Luke Fackler Pioneer, Ohio - qeditor
  • FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Dorset Group LLC 3104 E. Camelback Road #173 Phoenix, AZ 85016-4502 Phone: 602-570-6875 Email: Elvis vs. The Beatles: Who Is the Greatest? In every bar and on every street corner one argument reigns supreme: who is the greatest pop icon of our time? Elvis...or The Beatles? One book dares to take on the unanswerable, defying conventional wisdom by pitting the greats against each other. In "Who Is the Greatest: Elvis or The Beatles?" music professor Mike Shellans and video/film editor and musician Bill Slater compare the musical giants head to head, note for note. Within their witty, well-edited text, Slater and Shellans pack the facts in, ensuring the well-read will indeed win those bar bets. The Beatles and Elvis are compared and con- trasted along such lines as drug use, musical influences, their respective careers in film and television, and sales/hits numbers. The authors also delve in great detail into the music of both Elvis and The Beatles, revealing who wrote, played, arranged and performed on many of their top hits, finally answering those serious trivia questions for their many fans the world over. Anecdotes about how the Fab Four met the King (one time, in 1965) and factoids sprinkled liberally throughout the book make this a page-turner for Elvis fans, Beatles fans, and for music lovers of all genres. Bill Slater has been a performing musician/songwriter since 1973. During that time he has played in a variety of bands from country to rock to blues, beginning on tours in the Midwest, a brief sojourn into the wilds of Los Angeles and then back to the desert where he lives with his wife Deborah and two children, Justin and Alicia. In addition to his music, he is the owner of Edit Alchemy, L.L.C. ( a video post-production company he founded in 1999. He has received numerous industry awards including thirty-one Telly Awards, two Electronic Media Awards and two Addy's. He has produced/directed and edited cor- porate and broadcast video, short and long form regional and national commercials and infomercials, and national and international feature films such as "The Mighty Kong" for Warner Brothers and "Lion Encounters" for The Discovery Channel. Bill has a Masters degree in Education from Capella University and is currently enrolled in the doctoral program. He taught video/film editing for four years at The Art Institute of Phoenix, and has served on the Board of Directors of the Arizona Production Association. Who is the Greatest: Elvis...or The Beatles? Softcover ISBN: 0-9768021-1-2 $ 75.90 Available from (qeditor)
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