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Drunk & Disorderly (CA)
Contact: E-Mail (Johnny Wilde) 
Date Born/Group Began: 2001 (Johnny Wilde) 
Date Died/Group Ended:
Also Known As:
Johnny Wilde (Guitar/Mandolin/Vocals) From: 2001 To: Present (Johnny Wilde)
I've tried four or five different ways, and I just can't do it. I can't write an objective and factual review of the band Drunk & Disorderly. I guess I could rattle off words you already know about them: the buzz-saw guitar; the back beat sounds coming from a 1968 tiger drum set and the songs hatched from a monkey’s ass with melodies as diverse as “Sit on my face and tell me that you love me”, But, really, if you need explanation of those basics, you're either already drunk or just about to be puke. Either way, it's sort of a waste of my time for me to belabor that point. A few years after the fact, I still vividly remember the first time I saw them play. It was at a party held in a skuzzy bar stuck between some sort of industrial building and a lawnmower shop older than life itself, a tattoo parlor from which you risked contracting hepatitis just by looking at it and a large of Mobile Home Park. Most notably, it was across the street from a residential area where the homeowners, too drunk to get into their homes, would crash for the night, and, occasionally, get hit by cars if the tried. They called it “Covina." I was at the party to for something else, when these two ugly dudes, one of which were in shorts, crappy tennis shoes and long hair (thinking he was Jesus), took the stage and stunk the place up, I mean WTF. Singer/guitarist Johnny Dangerous seemed to physically wrestle with his guitar, alternately fight with and milk more feedback until he managed to snap a string, and it seemed physically impossible that drummer Bryan "Thunder" F. could keep up with the him. He did, though it was just for an abbreviated six or seven seconds. Drunk and Disorderly spends a lot of time drawing long-forgotten tracks from that era of music that absolutely sucked. Presented in chronological order, it's easy to sit back and watch Drunk and Disorderly mutate from a fun-loving outfit to the vehicle for boring ' enigmatic song pilfering. These days, the bar I first encountered Drunk and Disorderly in is still between run down real estate. The street has cleaned up some what, a liquor store turns a thriving business, but it’s still Covina and Drunk and Disorderly is still kicking, stealing lyrics, having fun and drawing crowds. Rock on boys. Chuck Bryant - The big 10"
  • Not to be confused with the now-defunct Irish Rock band from Minnesota of the same name. (DJ Particle)
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