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Decatur, IL
United States
Last Login: March 9, 2019
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User Level: Donator
Member Since: Thursday, August 18, 2005
Number of Posts: 19
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General Recently retired From Emerson Electric but now working for my own company, N&D Designs, LLC. If you can't be the king, being the boss is almost as good! Enjoy woodworking when I can find the time. Spend way too much time on the computer. Like working with audio and video (editing, etc.).
Music Most everything except opera, rap (who took the 'c' off?) and hip hop. If I had to rank my likes, it's a four way tie for 1st place: classic rock, classical, blues, and comedy. Jazz, bluegrass, soundtracks, etc., from there on down.
Movies Action/adventure, science fiction, classic horror, documentaries.
Television Not much for TV. When I can I'll catch something on the History Channel or the Discovery Channel.
Books Sad to say I haven't read many books in recent years. I went from consuming two or three books a week in my 20's to maybe one a year of late. Looking to start working on my backlog now that I'm retired.
Heroes Like Fleetwood MAC sang, "Hereos are hard to find". Many of my hereos from my youth turned out to be less than heroic in the hard light of history. JFK was probably my first, John Glenn the astronaut (not the politician) was tops for a while, then it gets vague. Today I would have to say that any veteran that served in a combat zone from WWII, Korea, VietNam, and the many undeclared wars since are all hereos.
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