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Moist Guitars

Dance till your pants fall down 
Chicago, Il
United States
Last Login: April 9, 2008
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Member Since: Tuesday, October 30, 2007
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The Moist Guitars first got together in 1998 at Head Studios on 22nd street not far from the Chinatown district of Chicago. All the members had been in different bands based in Oak Park Il. in the early 90s, and got together when their groups imploded simultaneously. Previous bands included D.Y.P. (punk) The Raving Mad (experimental hard rock) Curious George (power pop) and 3 Headed Grandparents. (really experimental) The members were also influential in the early Chicago house and acid house music scene along with "Boom TV" star Marcuss Mixx. When the band first formed they decided to try something a little different, and instead of playing lots of live gigs and going on long tours like a normal band they created a Tv show on cable access and only played live occasionally. The TV show was a combination of tastless and raunchy comedy fueled by alcohol mixed with live drunken performances and produced video's. It wasn't long before they realized they had developed a local following and decided to take the show on the road and concentrate more on the music. Considering they were much better musicians than comedians it seemed logical to just combine the two and write songs that reflected their twisted sense of humor. Their live shows have been called a combination of The Tubes, Hedwig, and Butthole surfers with front (man?). Flammable Pam and Miss Lisa forming what could be called "the odd couple of rock and roll". Their latest Cd "Optical Poptitude" was just released in Oct 07 and shows more of a harder edge than their previous release " Looking for George's four inch orange doorhinge". Their next release due out by Jan 08 will be the single "Dance till your pants fall down / What about our love" and will show off the "dancier" side of the Moist Guitars.
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02/14/08It seems we've been adopted by Chicago geezer punks  (0 Comments)
12/02/07Live with the drunkabilly duo Naked and Shameless  (0 Comments)
11/15/07CD release party  (2 Comments)
11/03/07Help us figure out what genre we are  (7 Comments)
10/31/07We're gettin too old for this Sh@#  (0 Comments)
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11/4/2007 4:09:18 PM

Merci beaucoup for adding Veronique. Vous totally RAWks!
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