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You're Mom lied, you're not special, you're just Stupid 
Melton, Melbourne, Vi
Last Login: January 21, 2014
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Member Since: Thursday, February 3, 2005
Number of Posts: 333
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General I'm old, now a black belt in Karate, no, I'm way too old, I shouldn't be doing this, spending 4 nights a week getting the crap beaten out of me. Producer & presenter of 2 weekly radio shows on a community radio station in Melbourne Australia, one Country music, the other a marathon 7 hour Comedy show. to be continued
Music Comedy, Country, Ambient, Classical, Shows & Broadway,
Movies Very little now a days, still prefer the older films, The Carry On Films, 3 Stooges, old MGM musicals.
Television As for movies, very little on todays television appeals, way tooooo much reality shows. Prefer Sci Fi, (without the soapy feel), CSI style shows, and Discovery channel.
Books Science fiction & fantasy, at the moment, going through my Terry Pratchett phase.
Heroes My Dad, just a common garden variety man, not famous, but he was the best teacher I had, died in early 1990's. aslo Stephen Hawking. (I've got him in my library also)
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10/29/07Short Story : Musings on a Journey.  (0 Comments)
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10/24/07Carless ... and loving it  (2 Comments)
04/29/07weekend of getting beaten up  (2 Comments)
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10/7/2007 6:42:53 PM

Thanks for the add.
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