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Hour 1
Star Drek (original version) - Bobby "Boris" Pickett & Peter Ferrara
If Jimmy Stewart Was Captain Kirk - Jeff Nelson
If I Can't Be Your No. 1, No. 2 Won't Do - Gil Mutz
Freeway to Stairbird - Rev. Billy C. Wirtz
H-1000 - Tom Smith
Kakushinteki Metamaruphose! - Aimi Tanaka
Magic is Friendship (Part One) - Dickie Goodmane
Don't Burn That Flag - Rex Andrew
(I Wanna Be Your) Hugh Hefner - Robert Lund &
This Internet Famous But Fairly Epic Grand Theft Audio is a Greatest Hit For Insane Ian - Wacky Ben
Potionmaker (Live at FuMPFeST 2017) - Insane Ian
Soap Rap (All My Children) - Cla'ence feat. David Kitay
Daze Of Our Lives, The - Beerbelly & The Weeds
Soap Opera Freak - David Welling with The Bandido Family
Hour 2
Kinnikuman GO FIGHT! - Akira Kushida
Honoo no Kinnikuman - Akira Kushida
Zudadan! Kinnikuman - Kenji Suzuki
Kinniku Mambo - Akira Kamiya (as Kinnikuman)
Never Give Up Fighter - Akira Kamiya (as Kinnikuman)
Texas Bronco - Akira Kushida (w/ Hideyuki Tanaka as Terryman)
Gyudon Song - Akira Kamiya (as Kinnikuman)
Rice and Cow Song - Marc Thompson (as Kid Muscle)
Kung-Fu Fighter - Koorogi '73 f/ Eiji Kanie as Ramenman
Berlin no Akai Ame - Takayuki Miyauchi & Koorogi '73 (with Tetsuo Mizutoni as Brocken, Jr.)
Bear Claws of the Fighting Computer - Woo (f/ Hideyuki Hori as Warsman)
Devil Buffalo - Takayuki Miyauchi (with Masaharu Sato as Buffaloman)
Sand Monster - Koorogi '73 (with Masaharu Sato as Sunshine)
Secret Cassette Transformation - Masanori Sato (with Issei Futamata as Stereocassette King)
Bermuda Mystery - Akira Kushida (with Daisuke Gori as Black Hole)
Hour 3
Stop The Time! - Youji Saitou (with Hideyuki Tanaka as Pentagon)
Rainbow of the Unicorn - Tsutomu Arakawa (with Daisuke Gori as Robin Mask)
Pharaoh of the Nile - Junichi Kawauchi (with Hideyuki Hori as Mr. Khamen)
Planetary Balkan of Fear - Mu Arakawa (feat. Hideyuki Tanaka as Planetman)
Meat's Meat Ball - Minori Matsushima (as Meat)
Hero of the Ring - Akira Kushida (with Masashi Hirose as Rikishiman)
Kinniku 2x9 Rock 'n' Roll - Akira Kushida
Kinnikuman Sensation - Akira Kushida
Wacked-Out Five
Mr. Morden - Tom Smith
Tin Foil Hat - Todd Rundgren feat. Donald Fagen
It's Frog Noticing Time - Scooter Picnic
Hey, Wonder Woman! - Chris Wolvie
Please Die (Healthcare Bill Song) - Matt Griffo
Bonus Round
Duck You Hard (YouTube Diss Track) - Adpocalypse Now - Bonecage
Jim81Jim on Randy Stair (from "Internet Insanity: Randy Stair")
A-Log on the Airwaves - September 30, 2017
Topic: Kinnikuman


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