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Song Details
Duration: 2:23 
Release Date: 1979  (DJRockdoc) 
Lyrics By:
Music By:
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  • Parody of "Rapper's Delight" by Sugarhill Gang. (CZW Ref Fan Steven)
  • Song Lyrics:
    Oy boy, hubby-bubby-bubby, hoy bo-bo-boy-boy-boy!

    Now, what you hear is not some crap, it's me and my bodies doing a rap,
    We may be old, but we are not feeble,
    We go by the name of the Yiddish People,

    My name is Max and I will save all tax, I'm the world's best CPA,
    I don't mean to boast, I don't mean to brag,
    But with me you will never pay!,

    I own hotels, motels, condominiums,
    Property in Beverly Hills, even in the slums,
    Let me introduce you to the hippest dude on the scene,
    Would you believe he goes by the name of Funky Frank Fostein,

    "Do it Frank, now!"
    "Do it Frank, now!"

    "Vell Vaddaya vake a person for? I'm sleeping here already!"

    "Hey schlemiel, it's your turn!"


    I got an old lady and her name is Sadie and I wouldn't call her a shrimp,
    Ven we go out people often times confuse her with a Goodyear blimp,
    I got a son who's a doctor, vun who's a lawyer and vun who's a total bum,
    He bought a condo on Three Mile Island, oy! how could he be so dumb?

    Now I got him bar-mitzvahed, I put him through college, even took a second job at night,

    After all I did for all my kids, do you think they even write?

    Now let me introduce you to the schmo with all the dough,
    It's no big deal, he's just a schlemiel, whose name's Gefilte Joe

    Take it away, you sur

    Have you ever been to your aunt's to eat and the food, it tastes like dreck?
    She uses so much oil, you'd think she vorked for OPEC!
    She makes chopped liver that runs like a river and the matzoh balls radiate,
    And every time you blink your eye she puts more food on your plate

    So you tell her that you're stuffed as a goose
    And she says "that's okay"
    See, what do I care if you don't eat
    So I slaved in the kitchen all day"

    Everybody sing: hotels, motels, condominiums
    I own property in Beverly Hills and I own it in the shlums,

    Hooby, booby, boogie-woogie-schmoogie
    We don't stop 'til we shtoop with a booby
    Oy boy, hubby-bubby-bubby, hoy bo-bo-boy-boy-boy!

    Hooby, booby, boogie-woogie-schmoogie
    We don't stop 'til we shtoop with a booby...
    Oy boy, hubby-bubby-bubby, hoy bo-bo-boy-boy-boy!
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