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Duration: 2:40 
Release Date: 1949  (CapSuper) 
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Song Lyrics:
Now Elmer Jones arose at dawn,
and he put his huntin' britches on,
and looked up at his shotgun on the wall.
He made his mind up then and there
To bag himself a hunk of bear
at huntin' he had plenty on the ball.

So he milked the cows, and fed the hogs,
Then kissed his wife, and called the dog,
Picked up his gun and started on his quest.
He crossed the creek and hit the trees,
Threw back his head and sniffed the breeze,
Let out a yell and pounded on his chest.

Here comes Elmer, Elmer's got his gun
Here comes Elmer, run, bear, run.

He hunted all the morning through,
But not a bear come into view,
While Elmer's thoughts were on the kitchen range,
Well he was sick as he could be
Of lamb and chicken fricassee
And he craved a mess of bear meat for a change.

Poor Elmer's mind was in a fog,
He paused and sat down on a log
To get his faculties back into groove.
He heard a noise and standing there
Before him was a grizzly bear.
And figured it was time he made his move.

Here comes Elmer, Elmer's got his gun
Here comes Elmer, run, bear, run.

He grabbed up his gun and turned around
But Mister Bear just stood his ground
And Elmer said "It is either me or thou."
The gun refused to go, and so he knew somebody had to go
And said, "Farewell, I'm leavin' as of now!"

And Elmer's shoulders sprouted wings,
His feet developed inner springs.
To linger longer, he was disinclined.
He ran so fast through muck and mire,
His ankles set his socks on fire,
And still that bear kept comin' on behind.

Here comes Elmer, Elmer's got his gun
Here comes Elmer, run, bear, run.

A deer with antlers eight feet wide,
Got in the way of Elmer's stride,
As both of them were heading for the brush.
And Elmer said, "Now listen, son,
If that's the fastest you can run,
Move over, cause I'm really in a rush!"

The bear was gainin' inch by inch,
And finally reached out for the clinch.
As Elmer saw the fence around his place.
He leaped the fence and landed hard,
Jumped sixty feet across the yard
And slammed the kitchen door in bruin's face.

Here comes Elmer, Elmer's got his gun
Here comes Elmer, run, bear, run.

That bear was tryin' to get inside
While Elmer sought a place to hide,
Then Mrs. Jones began to pull her hair.
She said, "This fuss has gotta stop,
Why don't you just let the matter drop?"
And Elmer said, "Honey, you go tell that to the bear!"

Then Elmer's wife said, "Listen, goon,
How come you think you're Daniel Boone?
Whose appetite on bear meat used to thrive?"
He said, "I'm sure that you're aware
That Daniel always killed his bear.
But honey, I done brought this baby home alive!"

Here comes Elmer, Elmer's got his gun
Here comes Elmer, run, bear, run.
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Messages about the song: "Elmer And The Bear"
Mamadoll   Offline  -  Member  -  03-31-09 01:22 PM  -  15 years ago
Please, I am searching for a recording of this song. ELMER AND THE BEAR BY PHIL HARRIS. My husband use to sing all time and I have hunter for this song for several years now, Does any one Have a copy of it ??
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