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Duration: 3:33 
Release Date:
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Song Lyrics:
In the Enchanted Forest Trailer Park,
the Coleman stoves are lit, and it's getting dark.
Sitting in the Airstream, playing crib' with Bernice
Heard somebody screaming down on the beach.
It was:
Vampire Beavers!! Here they come, Here they come!
Vampire Beavers!! Ya better run, Ya better run!
Vampire Beavers!
Vampire Beavers!
Vampire Beavers on the loose Tonight!!
"Say Harry, what's that big brown thing sticking out from under your chin?"
" Uh, Gee Bernice, I don't know, oh ah, wait a minute, it's, it's Uncle Bruce!"
"No, it's got fur and teeth and ..."
"Ahhh... Yi-ahh! it's...........!BEAVERS!!...Save Me..."

I ran for help and Bernice ran for the boat
She didn't make it, poor girl, they ripped out her throat.
They got the Grundys from Buffalo...., shredded the chrome off the Winnabago
It was:
Vampire Beavers!! Up from the dams, Up from the mud,
Vampire Beavers!! Something furry out for Blood!
Vampire Beavers!
Vampire Beavers!
Vampire Beavers on the loose Tonight!!
"Oh gosh, it's so romantic sitting with you here under the maple trees, holding your paw... Yikes, Your paw? No, no, get away!, not the vein, Noo... Aaahhh!"

Crawling through bushes, trying to get away,
Heard people screaming, splashing, Tails in the Bay!
Then I found a farmhouse where I knocked and I knocked,
but when they opened the door, I fainted from shock.

When I came to, found myself tied to a post.
There was a thousand beavers, drinking a toast.
They drank to the success of various ventures,
flesh in their claws, blood in their dentures!!
The short one with a mustache, walked up and said to me,
(German accent) "Here's to World Conquest, to Hell with the Trees!!"
(beavers sing)
"In days of Yore, from Shore to Shore, Sanguinary Beavers came
And planted sharp and shining fangs in Arteries and Veins"
It was:
Vampire Beavers!! They ate Greg from Whitbys Hole!
Vampire Beavers!! Herbivores out of control!
Vampire Beavers!
Vampire Beavers!
Vampire Beavers on the loose Tonight!!
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Messages about the song: "Vampire Beavers"
yankofan   Offline  -  Member  -  10-22-06 08:23 AM  -  17 years ago
The last link (04-23-06, #MMS-24) will transfer you to a songlist that contains the song you are looking for.


godzilinda   Offline  -  Member  -  10-22-06 12:40 AM  -  17 years ago
seems like your site says it is available to listen to but I cant seem to get it. Can you put the actual song on your site?
msspell   Offline  -  Member  -  11-16-05 07:09 PM  -  18 years ago
Can I hear this song on this site?
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