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Kiss This (Hey IRS) 
By: Robert Lund
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Duration: 2:34 
Release Date: 2007  (DJ Particle) 
Lyrics By: Lyrics by M. Spaff Sumsion. Parody of "This Kiss" (Chapman/Lerner/Roboff). ( 
Music By: Lyrics by M. Spaff Sumsion. Parody of "This Kiss" (Chapman/Lerner/Roboff). ( 
Produced By: Robert Lund ( 
Released By:
Published By:
Licensing: CC 
  • Originally recorded in 2004 with lead vocal by Robert Lund. That version appeared on the Dr. Demento Show in April 2006 and April 2007 and on Manic Mondays in April 2007. A new version with lead vocalist Michele Davis was recorded in late 2007 for the Robert Lund CD "Politicked Off!" (
  • Parody of Faith Hill's "This Kiss" (MarlinsGirl)
  • Song Lyrics:
    I don't want no April 15th
    I don't need another judgment day (no)
    Anything the good Lord giveth
    Uncle Sam he
    'Cause Big Brother's got a big debt
    Baby, guess who has to pay?

    It's the way you mug me
    It's unspeakable pain
    It's a personal washout
    Down a bottomless drain
    It's abhorrently taxing
    It's (uhhnn) believable

    Kiss this! Kiss this!
    Hey IRS
    Kiss this! Kiss this!

    Doing taxes ain't so scary
    Simply add up what you made (oh)
    Take it to the actu-ary
    Where he sub-tracts
    The tax
    You've paid
    Then you mail in twice the difference
    Plus a check for Medicaid

    It's a Form 1040
    It's a penalty clause
    It's inscrutable worksheets
    It's nonsensical laws
    It's unspendable income
    It's (uhhnn) deductible

    Kiss this! Kiss this!
    Hey IRS
    Kiss this! Kiss this!

    You can tax me on my taxes
    Then you tax the funds that remain (oh)
    You can tax me on bikini waxes
    For a jolt of similar pain (ow)
    Slap on sadistic audits
    Don't let anything pass
    You've bent me over
    So kiss - my - ass - ets

    It's the way you mug me
    It's relentlessly lame
    It's aggressively wasteful
    This unwinnable game
    It's unsportsmanlike conduct
    It's (uhhnn) depreciable

    Kiss this! Kiss this!
    It's criminal
    Kiss this! Kiss this!

    Kiss - my bottom line there, baby
    Kiss - my bottom line there, darlin'...
    Kiss This (Hey IRS)--Robert Lund(View Larger)


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    Messages about the song: "Kiss This (Hey IRS)"
    DJ Particle   Offline  -  Moderator, Artist & D.J.  -  04-24-08 08:53 PM  -  14 years ago
    The original with vocals by Robert Lund should have its own entry in the MMA. So far this version with Michele Davis has only been played in 2008.
      Online  -   -  07-07-07 12:58 PM  -  15 years ago
    Dude You Rock SO Much
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