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Song Details
Duration: 5:09 
Release Date: 1/1/2004  (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Lyrics By: Roy Zimmerman (M_Robertcop) 
Music By: Roy Zimmerman (M_Robertcop) 
Produced By:
Released By: Metaphor (M_Robertcop) 
Published By: WATUNES (M_Robertcop) 
Song Lyrics:
words and music by Roy Zimmerman © 2004 Watunes (BMI)

America is a '57 Chevy
that veers to the left
and lurches to the right

America is a pawn shop window
with decals of Old Glory
made by children in China

America is a dog playing poker
saying, "War is a last resort,"
and wagging his tail

America is a compassionate conservative
and a gay Republican
and a vegetarian vampire

America is that Norman Rockwell
of the family on Thanksgiving
hung on the wall of an Indian casino

America is a big group therapy session
with one guy in the corner
who will not shut up

God bless the firefighter
God bless the video clerk
And God bless America...
It just might work
Just might work

America is a Japanese fiddler
in Branson Missouri
doing Louie Armstrong

America is a scholarly discussion
of the socioeconomic implications
of Janet Jackson's boob

God bless the superhero
God bless the no-account jerk
And God bless America...

What if a guy came up to you and said, "I'm gonna bring forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal."

You'd probably say, "Right on! Good luck with that!"

And what if he said, "I'm gonna form a more perfect Union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity."

You'd probably say, "Wow! Knock yourself out!"

And what if he said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."

You'd probably say, "I got a meeting."

America is a conspiracy of genius
In sweat-stained waistcoats
And powered wigs

America is a homeless Jesus
being held at gun point
by King James

America is an apple pie
with a few bad apples
right toward the top

America is a dream of freedom
Dreamed by everyone
All over the world

God bless the normal people
And the ones with every known quirk
And God bless America...

It just might work
America, it just might work
Keep working...
And, it just might work
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Messages about the song: "America"
Stavro Arrgolus   Offline  -  Editor, MP3  -  06-18-10 06:58 PM  -  14 years ago
Release date bug strikes again. This comparatively rare bug is on the big list of things to fix when Wayne returns. This bug requires a full date be added and will read '1900' if there isn't. You can't even erase it. The only way to fix it is to add a complete date of some kind. Just put '1/1/XXXX' with the correct year as seen above until the bug is fixed.
M_Robertcop   Offline  -  Artist  -  06-18-10 12:12 PM  -  14 years ago
Release date should read "2004"
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