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  • Parody of "Money (That's What I Want)" by The Beatles (Dave AuJus)
  • Song Lyrics:

    Excuse me! Could we talk, just you and I for a moment please? Now, I didn't mean to come across as rude. But, this has been bothering me all year. I just have to...

    Now, I notice there's lots of presents underneath the tree
    But you can stick them up your chimney
    I want money!
    That's what I want
    That's what I want
    Cash is all I want
    That's what I wa a a a a a ant
    That's what I want
    Cash is what I want

    That's the bottom line

    If you really want to give me a thrill
    Just leave those envelopes with a hundred dollar bill
    You remember the envelopes? Those little ones your grandmother used.
    That's what I want
    Had the circle cut out so the dead president's face was right there on the card.
    Cash is all I want
    That's what I wa a a a a a a nt
    That's what I want
    And you can skip the little envelope, if it is too much trouble

    If you really love the King of Jews...and I trust you on that
    Fork it over! Don't be a Scrooge!
    I want money
    That's what I want
    That's really all I want, I have made it as plain as I possibly can
    Cash is all I want
    That's what I want

    I mean the baby Jesus, he needed money. That's the first thing they brought him. The three wise men, they came across the dessert. They brought him gold.

    Let's cut to the chase here. If I don't have it, I don't want it. If I didn't' already buy it for myself, then there's a reason. I mean let's look at what you got there. I'm not gonna' wear that. I'm not gonna' ever put that in my closet. I'm gonna throw it away!

    Sing it to her, boys. I mean, they get it why can't you get it?
    Cash is all I want
    Ladies and Gentlemen, the surviving Beatles!
    That's all I want
    Ladies and Gentlemen!
    Cash is all I want
    Fabulous boys! Wonderful!
    That's what I want
    Aren't they incredible?
    Scrooge is what I am
    Well, really, with what I am paying you! Unh
    Cash is what I want
    That's what I want

    Sing it boys!
    A big hand everybody!
    Look at me, I'm the fifth Beatle!
    Happy holidays, really...
    And, uh, don't spill anything on the carpet, Bongo.
    "That's Ringo"
    Bongo, Ringo, whatever, whatever your name is!

    (Dave AuJus)
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    Played on 2 shows:
    04-25-21, #OTR-7-0312-13-20, #OTR-6-8
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