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Duration: 2:22 
Release Date: 10/28/2007  (sfjpk30) 
Lyrics By:
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Song Lyrics:
It's almost Halloween and I'm getting excited
There's a Halloween party and we're all invited
You gotta wear a costume, so ya better dress up
And bring a dish of your choice because we're having pot luck
I finally made my costume decision
Gonna be the scariest thing that I can possibly envision
More scary than the Wolfman or the Purple People Eater
Or Frankenstein's monster or a Wal-Mart greeter

At our little party there's a costume contest
Where everybody votes on how the others are all dressed
You could be the sexiest or boniest or hairiest
Or eeriest or ugliest or edgiest or sleaziest
You could be the funniest or nuttiest or zaniest
Or bustiest or easiest or freakiest or spookiest
You could be the goriest or ickiest or ooziest
But I told you once before that I an gonna be the scariest

At first I didn't know what I was gonna be
Till I was carvin' up my pumpkin then it came to me
When the knife that I was usin' slipped and cut me on the wrist
But it didn't go too deep, so it wasn't serious
But right at that moment I was inspired from above
To wear some tight fitting jeans and act deprived of any love

That's what I knew what I was gonna be
I'm gonna be an emo kid for Halloween
I'm gonna be an emo kid for Halloween
I'm gonna be an emo kid for Halloween
I'm gonna be an emo kid for Halloween
I'm gonna be an emo kid for Halloween
I'm gonna be an emo kid for Halloween
I'm gonna be an emo kid for Halloween

I need to look weak and physically frail
My face will be so sad and my skin will be so pale
I'll wear a studded belt around my super tight pants
And wear a band t-shirt - my chemical romance
I'll wear a leather bracelet and is there anything I missed
As I attempt to look depressed while tryin' to keep a limp wrist?
I'll pull my bangs down in my face, well maybe over just one eye
And spike my hair up in the back, I'll look so good I want to cry

I'm sure this Halloween is gonna be the best to date
My costume is so awesome, this is gonna be so great
Everybody says it's stupid, but I really don't care
I'm gonna be the only thing that really gives me a scare
You don't have to worry, I'll get carried away
I won't be writing stupid poetry or acting too gay
I'm not gonna slit my wrist with any kind of knife
I'm only emo for one day because I've got a real life

But on this special day I'll scare every kid I see
At least all the normal ones out on their candy spree
But I'm worried that the emo kids will try to be my friends
And then invite me to their party where they wish our lives to end
But I'm not an emo kid, I'm just a normal guy
And on this Halloween I'll pretend I want to die

And that's what I'm gonna be for Halloween
I'm gonna be an emo kid for Halloween
I'm gonna be an emo kid for Halloween
I'm gonna be an emo kid for Halloween
(Sonic SBL)
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Messages about the song: "Emo Kid For Halloween (Demo)"
oddaustin   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  01-30-10 01:07 PM  -  14 years ago
The 10-25-09 Dr. Demento Show this was played on was actually the official version featuring Devo Spice.
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