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Duration: 4:32 
Release Date: 12/6/2007  (Tim P. Ryan) 
Lyrics By:
Music By:
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Song Lyrics:
Well "Openin' day" is a state holiday,
so Me & Monroe, we left the farm... (Arf!)
We dressed up in Camo,
we loaded up our ammo,
and a fifth of Jack' to keep us warm.

We'd only been in camp about an hour or so,
when we had the most amazing luck...
We had to keep ourselves from cheerin',
'cause right there in the clearin'
was a big ol' 10-point buck!

We fought for posistion,
like we do when we're fishin'
and we aimed our rifles over that spot.
Well it was still kinda foggy,
we were still kinda groggy,
so we each took several shots.

Well, sure enough, we hit him,
so we ran down to get him,
when suddenly Monroe just FROZE!
"OH NO!" He hollered,
"It's got a sliegh bell coller,
and a bright red shiny nose!!"

I think Monroe shot Rudolph,
but I'm pretty sure my shots missed.
We never knew it was Rudy,
so I hope Santa Clause ain't pissed!

When he comes down the chimney this Christmas,
he'll have no trouble seein' at all,
It ain't dark at night,
'cause there's a bright red light,
from the reindeer head on our wall!

(Twangy Telecaster guitar solo)

Well when our trip was done,
we'd only seen that one,
but that's one more than we usually get.
Our lights were no good,
but with Rudy tied to the hood,
the road was just like us: "Well Lit"...

...but the story doesn't end,
'cause just around the bend,
...well, what did our eyes behold???
Well it's a sliegh right here,
and there's 8 more deer,
just a 'standin' there in the road.
(Lock and Load!!)

I think Monroe shot Rudolph,
But what a beautiful shot he had!
We had no idea it was one of Santa's reindeer,
and I hope Santa Clause ain't mad.

When he stops by the farm this Christmas,
on his way down to Albuquerque,
We'll fix him up right,
with a case of Bud Light,
and some... "Venison Jerky!"

(Honky Tonk Piano Solo)

(Twangy Telecaster guitar solo)

I think Monroe shot Rudolph,
just a sittin' in his tree stand,
We had no idea it was one of Santa's reindeer,
and I hope he'll understand.

If he busts down the door this Christmas,
and he presses us for a reason,
well, we'll set the boy stright,
Santa, Christmas is GREAT!...
but 'round here we call it "Deer Huntin' Season!!!"

(Twangy Telecaster guitar solo)

Ho Ho ho ho ho.... Merry Christmas!

(lock, load) BLAST!! (lock, load)
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