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Still Alive (Uranium Version) 
By: Nuclear Bubble Wrap
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Rank this week: 17 (↑20)
Duration: 2:56 
Release Date: 3/15/2008  (Captain Wayne) 
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Licensing: CC 
  • Parody of "Still Alive" by Jonathan Coulton from the game Portal. (weirdojace)
  • Song Lyrics:
    I'm now a master
    My name's on a plaque now, huge success
    It's hard to go through all the stuff that's happened
    Through evolution
    Fighting with power through the land
    Even saved the planet from destruction and death

    I have been through mountains in the snow and the rain
    I have faced pure evil and have conquered much pain
    And I've fought with dignity as the whole world challenged me
    And my PokÈmon are still alive

    I started with Squirtle
    He's why I've gotten here right now
    No gym leaders ever could defeat me
    I conquered Team Rocket
    Saved us from their shenanigans
    With my team of supernatural monsters of power

    I start hearing voices saying it's just a game
    And though I am Ash they always say the wrong name
    I've been all around the world and a gym leader's my girl
    And my PokÈmon are still alive

    I've caught every species
    I've caught every legendary beast
    Maybe someday you can be like me too
    But now you should thank me
    I am the reason there's world peace
    I will go to school and all the kids will bow down to me

    I'm a PokÈmon master and I've even got Mew
    And I'm better than everyone, especially you
    Tell me if you disagree I ask you to challenge me
    And my PokÈmon will be alive
    And yes believe me they will be alive
    I'm in a battle and they're still alive
    I've got a Zapdos and he's still alive
    And while I'm owning you they'll be alive
    And when your PokÈmon's dead, mine's alive
    Still alive, still alive
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