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Bacon 2: Electric Boogaloo 
By: Devo Spice
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Duration: 2:58 
Release Date: 4/11/2008  (peterpuck9) 
Lyrics By: Tom Rockwell (peterpuck9) 
Music By: Luke Sienkowski (DJ Particle) 
Produced By: Devo Spice (peterpuck9) 
Released By: (peterpuck9) 
Published By: FIDIM Interactive (DJ Particle) 
Licensing: CC 
  • Parody of "Bacon!" by The Great Luke Ski. (czwrefsteven)
  • Song Lyrics:
    Bacon 2: Electric Boogaloo
    parody of BACON! by the great Luke Ski
    lyrics, music, vocals: T. Rockwell

    Now you can say a lot about a guy like me
    I'm a spazzy fanboy watching too much TV
    Collecting action figures, comic books and such
    And I like Wonder Woman just a little too much
    But there is one thing you would be very mistaken
    To question my devotion it will never be shaken
    If you do you'll see my wrath and then you'll be quakin'
    To put it plain and simply, I
    Love... Kevin....

    I put Bacon on my wish list when I order DVDs
    I saw Bacon sing with Big Bird when I learned my ABCs
    I saw Bacon fight a creature that came right up through the ground
    But in the many sequels he was nowhere to be found
    I watch Bacon all alone, I watch Bacon in a group
    I watch Bacon on my iPod while I'm trying to make a poop
    I'll watch Bacon play a psycho or a woman or a frog
    Then I'll write a new review and you can read it in my blog
    Bacon is so awesome and so handsome and so slick
    Bacon could play every-damn-body in the flick
    Bacon is so great he had so many huge hits
    Bacon is the man that I want raising all my kids

    (two thumbs up)

    If you say I like him too much well I say the Hell with that
    As I'm feeding Kevin Bacon, yes that's what I named my cat
    I just saw him again with a couple hot chicks
    And the movie came to me thanks to good ol' NetFlix
    So call me a freak, an obsessive little geek
    And I'll pull out my naked photo and won't let you take a peek
    He does movies and the theater and even writes some songs
    And I learned them all so on his tour I could sing along
    I watch Bacon in the morning, I watch Bacon in the night
    I have pictures in my bath tub so he's never out of sight
    I can make a personal connection now with ease
    I can link myself to Bacon when I'm playing 6 Degrees
    I recorded a bit about J-Lo for a Raymond and Scum song
    Raymond and Scum's lead singer is Jeff Smith.
    Jeff Smith directed Stupid Teenagers Must Die with Lindsay Gareth
    Lindsay Gareth was in The Comebacks with Jim Cody Williams
    Jim Cody Williams was in Rails and Ties with Kevin Bacon!

    (two thumbs up)

    Could it be a big conspiracy he takes so many rolls
    Bacon played a flatliner who woke up angry souls
    Bacon shows up more often than orange traffic cones
    Maybe there's a guy who's making lots of Bacon clones
    Bacon was an astronaut who went up in Apollo
    Bacon played a man who turned out to be hollow
    Bacon' always gracious every time he meets a fan
    Thankfully he didn't play Becky on Roseanne
    Bacon never takes a roll just to make a buck
    Bacon didn't star in Transformers 'cause it sucked
    In some of his releases, he's been blown to pieces
    But wasn't down with any of the Star Wars re-releases
    Bacon told Titanic not to make a stupid film
    Bacon's normal so he has no use for Dr. Phil
    Bacon always plays each role with such a great aplomb
    Bacon was a victim who got killed by Jason's mom
    Bacon proved to Nicholson he could handle the truth
    Bacon's only flaw is that he's never done a spoof
    The song stopped, what the hey?!
    There was a writer's strike, so I got nothing to say
    Bacon is the master he's what life is all about
    Bacon is the only reason that I leave my house
    Bacon is the leader of the only bacon church
    Bacon will be found by anyone willing to search
    Bacon Bacon Bacon Bacon Bacon show me more
    Bacon Bacon Bacon Bacon Bacon encore!
    So you wanna see that new movie that starts at 8:04?
    As if I have the time to watch movies anymore!!

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