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That '70s Song 
By: Odd Austin
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Duration: 3:16 
Release Date: 6/30/2008  (DJ Particle) 
Lyrics By: Lyrics- Austin Aeschliman (oddaustin) 
Music By: Lyrics- Austin Aeschliman (oddaustin) 
Produced By: Aeschliman/Wilson (oddaustin) 
Released By: Idolize W.A.Y. Recordings (oddaustin) 
Published By: Odd Austin (belowaveragedave) 
Licensing: CC 
  • Parody of "1985" by Bowling for Soup (belowaveragedave)
  • About the hit Fox situation comedy: "That '70s Show" (oddaustin)
  • Song Lyrics:
    Hangin’ out down the street
    Same thing we did last week
    Not a thing to do
    But sit and talk to you
    Eric, Donna, and Fez
    Bob, Kitty, Hyde, and Red
    There’s Kelso and Jacky
    Live in the ‘70s
    Hang out in Forman’s basement
    Go to the Hub at night
    And Red will kick your butt
    Won’t be too out of sight
    I watch it everyday
    Adventures from Point Place
    Look at their crazy lives
    And nothing has been, alright

    Eric left Donna
    While Fez was in the closet
    There was Kelso and Jacky
    And Eric’s Sister Laurie
    Just six kids in High School
    Man that show was so cool
    Jackie broke up with Kelso
    I watch, I watch That ‘70s Show
    (That ‘70s Show)

    Seen every episode
    I know every line
    That ‘70s Pilot
    Even the dash and dine
    And Hyde was the man
    Not a big village people fan
    Thought he’d get a hand
    On the stash in Candy Land
    Where’s the bell bottoms
    And Ted Nugent
    And who’s that other guy
    Tryin’ to replac e Eric?
    I miss it bein’ on television
    What ever happened to

    Eric, Kelso, on the stupid box was
    Eric left Donna
    For Africa and Collage
    There was Steven and Jackie
    And her job was to sell cheese
    Just six friends in High School
    And Kelso’s such as fool
    And Casey was Eric’s foe
    I watch, I watch, That ’70 Show

    I hate Bones, bring back Fez
    And you should know that,
    I was watching till the end
    And when did Topher
    Become a villain
    Please make this
    Stop, stop, stop
    And bring back

    Eric left Donna
    Though he didn’t really wanna
    There’s Kelso and Jacky
    And Kelso has a baby
    The Cruiser was his car
    Re-runs on my DVR
    And I watch all day you know
    That ’70s Show
    Eric and Donna
    Fez, Hyde, and Big Rhonda
    There’s Fez and Jackie
    I own all the DVDs
    Six kids grew up here
    And hey look it’s a New Year
    They’ll make another one I know
    I’ll watch, I’ll watch, That New ‘80s Show

    Lyrics Copyright 2008: Austin Aeschliman
    All rights reserved, unauthorized use is totally whack, yo!
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