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Kaizen Blitz 
By: Mr. Wompy
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Duration: 4:08 
Release Date: 8/14/2008  (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Lyrics By: Eric Brown (knowtalentagency) 
Music By: Eric Brown (knowtalentagency) 
Produced By: Eric Brown (knowtalentagency) 
Released By: Eric Brown (knowtalentagency) 
Published By:
Licensing: CC 
  • Eric Brown has also produced a music video of this song. It's on YouTube here: (knowtalentagency)
  • Song Lyrics:
    Kaizen Blitz
    (parody of "Ballroom Blitz" by Sweet)
    lyrics by Eric Brown

    Are you ready, Larry? Yes.
    Sandy? Oh, yes.
    Phil? OK.
    Daniel? Yes
    Pam? Yeah
    Annika? Yes
    Steve? OK
    Art? Yes

    Alright, team ....let's do it!
    Oh, our process needs improvement
    To make sure our objectives will be met .... aha.
    So let's apply the tools we have.
    If we don't, it's something we'll regret.

    Oh, there's a man at the side
    With a PowerPoint slide and he's acting like he's really smart.
    And the babe in the corner
    (I think she's a foreigner) is always trying to pick him apart!

    Oh, yeah, one guy was sighing, acronyms were flying,
    Laptops were humming, ideas were forthcoming!
    Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
    And a man named Art showed a big flow chart
    'Cause you do that in a Kaizen Blitz!
    And a girl named Pam showed a histogram
    'Cause you do that in a Kaizen Blitz!
    Kaizen Blitz, Kaizen Blitz, Kaizen Blitz
    Kaizen Blitz

    We use the Six Sigma process,
    And we always ask "Why?" five times, too.
    We listen to the voice of the customer
    And use Japanese words like genchi genbutsu.

    Oh, the man at the side
    Has a PowerPoint slide with a cause-and-effect diagram!
    And the babe in the corner
    Has chosen to ignore him 'cause she's getting rid of her email spam!

    Oh, yeah, mouses were clicking, post-it notes were sticking,
    Buzzwords were spoken, old habits were broken!
    Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
    And an IP tech found a bottleneck
    'Cause you do that in a Kaizen Blitz!
    And someone revealed our first pass yield,
    'Cause you do that in a Kaizen Blitz!
    Kaizen Blitz

    Oh, yeah, bathroom breaks were taken, old beliefs were shaken,
    We were value stream mapping! There was no time for napping!
    No, no, no, no, no, no ...
    Mr. VanPelt was our Master Black Belt
    'Cause you need one at a Kaizen Blitz!
    And a lady name Liz did analysis
    'Cause you do that in a Kaizen Blitz!
    Kaizen Blitz, Kaizen Blitz, Kaizen Blitz
    Kaizen Blitz

    It's it's a Kaizen Blitz, it's it's a Kaizen Blitz
    It's it's a Kaizen Blitz, yeah, it's a Kaizen Blitz
    Current Rating 4.6 (2 votes)
    Played on 4 shows:
    08-27-16, #16-3509-06-11, #BWR-11-09-06
    09-05-15, #15-3604-05-09, #MMS-122
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