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Release Date: 7/15/2008  (belowaveragedave) 
Lyrics By: Below Average Dave (belowaveragedave) 
Music By:
Produced By:
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  • Parody of "Be Our Guest" from Disney's Beauty & The Beast (belowaveragedave)
  • Song Lyrics:
    A diamond book shelf
    I want a brand new ride
    with lots of treasure
    and a foot rub every night

    and now
    You can write me a check
    Get me Cashmere
    As I think about all my demands

    Big sinner

    Give me this
    Give me that
    Give me more cause I'm obsessed
    I think I need a new gem stone ring
    and perhaps a silk vest

    A big pool
    Pretty Birds
    Well it's all that I deserve

    I am pompous and ambitious
    Don't believe me, give you stitches

    I've got bling
    I've got cash
    And my servants kiss my @$$
    I've got forty cars and still I'm not impressed

    I want another Hummer
    Just got two last summer
    Give me This
    Cause I'm Pissed
    Give me That

    Tampa Bay
    I want to own the world today

    I'm so rare
    a billionaire
    Who won't carry his own weight

    Mobile phones
    'nough to spare
    No they're mine, but you can stare

    Never hold back
    how I'm feeling
    Well I just say what I'm thinking

    Need a boat
    Take your pick
    I've only got twenty-six

    and I can zoom to mountains in my private jet

    I never finish last
    I only fly first class
    Give me This
    When I'm stressed, head to my 9th home in the mid west
    Give me This
    Give me This
    Give me That

    Some may call me greedy
    They say I'm too damn needy
    I'm a dolt without a goal to work upon

    Oh the finer things in life are useful
    Quite frankly, I get all that I want
    No peers to be trusting
    It is cash for which I'm lusting
    I am not polite
    I have no social skills
    Doing my own work is such a hassle
    So since I am lazy
    I pay Jane to wet my daisies

    He's a pest
    He's a pest
    He's a dick I must confess
    Well he's boring
    Oh good Lord, I bet he hasn't been laid yet

    I'm flat broke
    I've got fleas
    The best things in life aren't free

    This whole smile is confusing
    'cause this really ain't amusing

    Sleep on cots
    in his Yacht
    What a flake, is he or what?
    Jig is up
    All of his workers are depressed

    I can't afford my shoes
    Working for him I'm screwed

    Jane: For He Wants This
    Other Servants: He Want This
    Jane: He Wants That
    Other Servants: He Wants That

    **All Servants**
    He Wants This
    He Wants That
    He has loads of big assets
    No career but that old daddy dear
    left all the stuff that he possessed

    He's unreal, cannot please
    He makes us serve him on our knees

    Yes his greed is brightly showing
    It's gratitude that he's forgoing

    **Mr Greed takes the mic back**
    No remorse
    That's no fun
    Now get out
    No matter what I own I'm not impressed
    Now I will prop my feet up
    and they'll lick the dirt up

    I want this

    I want this

    I want this

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    11-04-08, #BAD_08-11-04
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