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I Hate Me 
By: Below Average Dave
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Duration: 3:59 (DJ Particle) 
Release Date: 2/18/2009  (DJ Particle) 
Lyrics By: Below Average Dave (belowaveragedave) 
Music By: Below Average Dave (belowaveragedave) 
Produced By: Below Average Dave (belowaveragedave) 
Released By: (belowaveragedave) 
Published By: (belowaveragedave) 
Licensing: CC 
  • Parody of "Just Lose It" by Eminem (belowaveragedave)
  • Song Lyrics:
    (no way echoed)

    David's Back
    He's Rapping
    Sounding Whack
    Yet Again

    Now listen as I bruise my ego
    Yes my ego
    Yes my ego
    Now listen as I bruise my ego
    Alright Stop! Forgot my lines

    Skittles--I get giddy
    Writing crap
    Hearing laughs
    over my butt crack
    No, I don't hit back
    It's really hard to act like I'm filled with hate
    and always irate
    (Bwa ha ha ha ha)
    Let's hurry
    David's got a brand new song tonight
    Not much else for me to do but make noise
    I make fun of everything that I enjoy
    Not to make fun of Marshall
    I'm just an angry bore
    Back to Lycos
    I'm just searching for something to rhyme
    I get a little bit bored with all of my time
    Hit Pop hits, swallowing my pride
    Send out clips, hold your ears, and say I'm prime
    Was a Rhymezone whore
    But my words I just don't know
    I'm a fool, Oh yeah, I blow
    Everyone loves Weird Al, he's not swearing
    Writing about 'poop, poop'
    Not today (fart sound)
    Oops, that Bette Midler hit
    and everyone thinks I've got Jock Itch

    Now I'm sitting on my hands
    Wheres my friends
    Yeah boy, I'm so lame
    Oops, I mean, fly, fly fly fly
    Fans, welcome to my world

    Alright, Now bruise it
    (Bwa ha ha ha ha)
    Hear Bowser
    (Bwa ha ha ha ha)
    I'm lazy
    (Bwa ha ha ha ha)
    Don't hate me
    (ha ha)
    Don't Hate me, hate me
    (ha ha)

    It's Tuesday
    and I'm up late
    'Cause I'm writing, something new and flashy
    Maybe I'm flaky
    I don't know lately
    Everyday turns out just the same
    Slamming myself daily, I'm self hating
    Let my clothes drop if it sells my shows
    I can't say what I'm writing
    all I can is when you read it
    "He's so stupid"

    and I'm pissed,
    I'm really trying to mix these words
    But they keep really sounding so absurd
    I'm such a ditz,
    I'm a flunky and I've used Nair
    I'm tipsy, oh man--it's all in my hair
    "I'm kinda flakey,and I love to whine"
    "Dave stop this pity crap on your mind"
    Kay (Ha-Ha) Checked Google, shined
    I will try to be kind, now bye

    Now I'm gonna write about Trance
    maybe Lance
    Yeah, boy, I'm so strange
    Oops, I mean cool, cool cool cool
    Cool, my voice will make you hurl

    Alright, now bruise it
    (Bwa ha ha ha ha)
    I'm boozing
    (Bwa ha ha ha ha)
    I'm gaming
    (Bwa ha ha ha ha)
    (ha ha)
    and Sony-Sony
    (ha ha)

    What's today
    I'm still messed up
    I'm still failing
    Can you hear me flapping
    Friends say I'm cool
    but I know it's not true
    I'm still playing
    (Bwa ha ha ha ha)
    I write lousy
    and my guts bigger
    Taking showers daily
    I'm still filthy
    I think frankly that I'll seal my own fate
    Still release stuff
    "Makes me happy"

    Now let's heart to heart
    In a trance, take a stance, and just write it down
    Everyone thinks I'm a loser now
    Just because they don't say it doesn't mean that I'm like WOW
    I'm not into to bestiality
    I've got some bad habits
    Playing Mario Party
    Every night-yes mam
    I'm a chubbie, tubbie, fluffy, chunky, hunky
    I don't need a good mind, waste life on fears, I'm chubbie flabby-belly
    Eat much (Gut) Eat Much (Gut)
    Got a big butt, chubilicious (Gut)
    Full of Bull
    No Flow
    I know
    You know
    Nobody else knows

    I don't know I can write more
    Sound like crap, sure
    Like Natalie I'm torn

    I am freaking over teasing
    Ya'll go (Bwa ha ha ha ha)
    I'm still breathing

    I'm getting one more chance
    Take a stance
    Yeah, now, Laugh at that
    Yes, I said laugh, laugh laugh laugh
    Fall, lyrics will dropped jaws
    Spirits are now lifted
    (Bwa ha ha ha ha)
    They're lifted
    (Bwa ha ha ha ha)
    Not flaky
    (Bwa ha ha ha ha)
    I'm crazy
    (Ha ha)
    I'm crazy, baby
    (ha ha)

    Ouu-wow wow I'm so crazy
    wow wow I'm so crazy
    Ooh boy, I'm so flaky
    I mean cool, yeah I'm so cool now
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