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Long Long Line 
By: Below Average Dave
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Duration: 4:46 
Release Date: 5/12/2009  (DJ Particle) 
Lyrics By: Below Average Dave (belowaveragedave) 
Music By: Below Average Dave (Vocals) Track permitted by Recisio (belowaveragedave) 
Produced By: Below Average Dave (Vocals/Editing/etc) Track permitted by Recisio (belowaveragedave) 
Released By: soundclick (belowaveragedave) 
Published By: (belowaveragedave) 
Licensing: CC 
Song Lyrics:
Stuck In Line
Will you move please?
If it don't move I might
Lose my contro--ol

Please move Line!
This isn't new
Watching my shoes, C'mon
This really blo-ows
This line won't go

You would think
People's minds
In the front
Have surely fled

Takes too long
Watch the time
Please now guy are you done yet?

Stupid Line
Stuck here all week
I've gotta get back home
Don't need to be smart
Will you depart?

Five past nine
Fin'lly moved
about an inch

Moved along
Just to find
The computer has just quit

Long Long Line
Only to see
State's old hardware has blown
Tomorrow restart
For now, depart

~~Rap about long lines~~

Those long lines when I go out to dine
Waiting here for a real long time

Stuck in line, cannot sit so I'll stand
I want to get a table but they're in high demand

These long lines will make me get so mad
E'ry time they call a name it moves just a tad

Front of line after all of this time
Making people wait this long should be a crime

(Long Long Lines)

Stuck at de theme parks you will see
Paying big fees to be waiting for glee

(Why won't it move?)

Long Long Lines make me want to push N shove
Can't push n Shove, Cam'ras watching from way above

Why's this line moving slow like a crawl
Why did it stall will it move at all

C'mon Line 'fore I get hostile
Let's move line been waiting for awhile, yeah

(I get worn)
Stuck in dem long lines, When I go out at night
(Wasting time)
Stuck in dem long lines, All the time it ain't right

(At the zoo)
Standing in line and it sorta makes me whine
(or buying bread)
I just want these limes While in my prime

Long Long Lines you take up all my time
At the store buy and knock out grime

Ain't no joke, stuck behind some folks
If it don't move soon the guy in front I'll choke

(Long Long Lines)

Please Long Line, Could you move an inch or too
C'mon now dude you're hurting my I.Q.

(Move along please)

Long Long Line it sorta makes me cry
Make me wanna cry and you know why

(It is making me moan)

Front of line stuck 'cause his card declined
C'mon now mister please 'cause I'm in a bind
(Just empty your cart)
I'm in a bind, I won't cuss jus' sit an' fuss.
(Just do your part)

(Buying corn)
Killing all my time, getting stuck in these lines
(This life time)
Killing all my time, getting stuck in these lines

(Pushing through)
Real slow lines when I go out to buy blinds
(Just push ahead)
Gonna lose my mind Move your behind

Darn this line I've been stuck in here since nine
Let me outta here before I get unkind

This is no joke, I'm feeling provoked
Better get this movin' or soon I may croak

(Long Long Line)

Long Long Line I wanna pay for my stuff
I've had enough off these people surely puff

(Move along please)

Stuck in Line, Those up front got no regard
It's not that hard, Just swipe your card

(My whole darn day is blown)

Long Long Line, got to the front of this thing
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Messages about the song: "Long Long Line"
belowaveragedave   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  06-16-09 07:54 AM  -  12 years ago
License information: Creative Commons. . .
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