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Duration: 5:55 
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Song Lyrics:
Yeah! Another rap dementia collaboration for the fen of every nation!
We got the Hot Waffles in the place to be, y'all!
Long Beach C.Y.P. west coast fandom in the hiz-ouse!
And me, Luke Ski, representin’ for the Mid-West-si-yeed!

(1st Verse)
It’s our obligation to do this song,
Cause we want you all to know that there’s nothing wrong
When you’re at the con, and you’re feeling withdrawn,
But then you see us on stage like two Don Juans.
Pimpin’ it smoother than Pepe the Prawn.
Til the break-a-break-a-dawn we got it goin’ on!
Bustin’ rhymes faster, all night long,
Than light cycles in the game grid of Tron.
Now the myth the media perpetuates,
Is that its just the dorky guys who cant get dates
That fully populate every last convention,
But there’s one gender that they fail to mention.
*Hey Ladies!* Were talkin’ bout you!
Its time to show ‘em all what you can do.
Just like Starfleet, it’s your sworn duty.
So come on, fangirl, shake that booty!

(1st Chorus)
Shake that booty! Fangirls, shake that booty! Uh huh
Shake that booty! Fangirls, shake that booty! Yeeaah!!!
Shake that booty! Fangirls, shake that booty! All night long
Shake that booty! Fangirls, shake that booty! You know it! You
know it!

(2nd Verse)
I like a body that's a culmination
Of eight hours a day of PlayStation
With vibration, and a thorough appreciation
Of the ideals set forth by the Federation.
Some guys go to clubs, but I’d rather
Check out las chicas when the fans gather.
They're cosplayin’, so I'm stayin’
To see everything that they're displayin’.
My anaconda don't want none, Unless what?
…Unless she's got the Princess Leia buns,
Or a slave girl outfit from R.O.T.J..
A cattail on the back end will make my day.
Booty! Arr! Not pirate treasure. Oh.
Just that thing that gives us fanboys pleasure.
So turn around, stick it out.
Cause even mundanes got to shout!
NOOOOOOOOOW, bootys great, don’t get me wrong,
But there’s a couple things I’d like to say in this song.
Cause all us guy fans want to get our hands
On a set of those big round mammary glands!
Most every con, they’re showing them off,
From the Klingon chicks to Lara Croft.
On every chest, we see every breast.
Hell, they might as well call this Cleavage-Fest!
And if yours are small, you can always force it.
Hit the dealer’s room, buy yourself a corset.
String it on. Pap! Pap! There, now I see em,
Pretty soon, I’m stiffer than a mausoleum.
Were pathetic, true, but what are we to do?
We may never get laid, but we sure enjoy the view!
Want more? I know the score!
I’m Guest Of Honor: BoobCon 2004!

(2nd Chorus)
Shake that booty! Fangirls, shake that booty! Back it up now
Shake that booty! Fangirls, shake that booty! C’mon! C’mon!
Shake that booty! Fangirls, shake that booty! Oh yeah!
Shake that booty! Fangirls, shake that booty! Kick it in the grill,

(3rd Verse)
Big or small, white or tan,
You gotta shake it just like I know you can,
Then I’ll squeeze it like an accordi-ANNE. Why’s that?
Cuz that’s the sign of a true D fan!
Japan, and the anime fans are nice.
One asked me to her room and I didn’t think twice.
Didn’t bat an eye, my hand was high on her thigh,
Then sweatin' like McFly when she put on Hentai.
I saw tentacles, and other things I can’t mention.
Off the hook, with a sequence Hen shin.
She was Kawaii, there was no doubt,
Much better than any other Sailor Scout.
My future seemed brighter, turned out she was a biter
And more limber than Chun-Li from Street Fighter.
I wasn’t sure why but my pants felt tighter,
But I was sure it would be an all-nighter.
One time at a masquerade, havin' fun,
I saw a girl dressed as a dominatrix nun!
With a habit and a whip, she was oh-so vicious.
How would you describe it, Chris? Mmm, sacrilicious!
(*Blasphemer!*) …Like the Life of Brian.
I got freaky with a furry dressed up as a lion,
And some think Goth chicks are terrifyin'.
Not me, my devotion to them is undyin'.
The girls were eyein', hey babe, were just tryin'
To get some things flyin', don’t leave us here cryin'.
You’re a green slave girl sent from Orion.
Were gonna throw a party bigger than the one in Zion.
The theme underlyin', your affections I’m vyin'.
Check out my merch table, soon you’ll be buyin'.
Its true, I’m not lyin', you’re so damn fine,
Just like Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine! Waaah!!!

(3rd Chorus)
Shake that booty! Fangirls, shake that booty! Hail to the King!
Shake that booty! Fangirls, shake that booty! Resistance is futile!
Shake that booty! Fangirls, shake that booty! Gimme some
sugar, baby.
Shake that booty! Fangirls, shake that booty! Turbolift, take me to
the bridge!

(Bridge: Spoken, *Luke does beat box solo*)
A’ight, this one goes out to all the Buffy shippers in the house,
Here’s a fan fic from my brother from another mother, the great Luke Ski!

(Breakdown Verse)
Now sit right back and you'll hear a tale
About the time I went down to Sunnydale.
I walked right up to the mouth of Hell,
And soon all the ladies were under my spell.
I made Anya sing just a little off key,
But soon I found myself in Harmony.
Willow and Tara looked and me and smiled,
And then the three of us got Wicca-Wicca-Wicca-Wicca-wild!
Gave Cordelia a beautiful vision,
Then I knocked poor Fred into another dimension.
Dru now calls me her real 'big bad',
And only Darla knows that I'm Connor's real dad.
I had a little Faith, and I got a lot of Glory,
But there is a sad end to this 'Grr-Argh' story,
'Cause Buffy threw me out smack down on the lawn
When she caught me messin' 'round at the crack of Dawn!!!

(Bridge: Chorus)

Shake that booty! Fangirls, shake that booty! Word to your mother!
Shake that booty! Fangirls, shake that booty! I got your Spike right HERE!
Shake that booty! Fangirls, shake that booty! Trogdor!
Shake that booty! Fangirls, shake that booty! Bddt, stick em!
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