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I Still Get Demented #03-37 October 6, 2003
Topic: Cow songs

This show has 1 part:

Part 1
One Piece At A TimeJohnny Cash and The Tennessee Three
Werewolves Of LondonWarren Zevon
The Purple People EaterSheb Wooley
Blood on the SaddleTex Ritter
  • -
  • Old Hippie Class ReunionRay Stevens
    Yugoslavia  [only known play]The Frantics
    She Never Told Me She Was a Mime  [first known play]"Weird Al" Yankovic
  • -
  • -Chaston and Groditski
    Trouser Load of Love  [first known play]The Mod-est Lads
    ep215: The Ranger On Trial, Mason Perry, Lawyer  [first known play]The O.B. Ranger
  • -
  • The MouthSudden Death f/ Mr. Zipp
    Phone PersonalsMike Toomey
    50 WaysToxic Audio
    And That's Why I'm In A Star Trek Band  [first known play]Warp 11
    Let's Do It Right This Time  [only known play]Ray Stevens
    Public Service Commercials  [only known play]Robert Klein
    She Could Be in the Beatles  [only known play]The Mod-est Lads
  • -
  • -Richard Trible
    Brain Sdghot  [first known play]Chaston and Groditski
    Grandpa's Gone GangstaLarry Weaver
    MarijuanaRobin Williams
    Bionie and The Robotics  [first known play]Ray Stevens
    Vote For Me/It's A JokeArt Paul Schlosser
    Town Talk w George Newman  [first known play]"Weird Al" Yankovic
    Vote For Me/It's A Joke Again  [only known play]Art Paul Schlosser
  • -
  • Everything I Do (I Do With William Shatner)Warp 11
    Laundromat Blues  [first known play]The Five Royales
    Men and Women  [only known play]Jerry Seinfeld
    They're Coming To Take Me AwayDill Bobbin
    Taboo  [only known play]Tim Cavanagh
    Why A Duck?Groucho and Chico
    Why  [first known play]Bob Ricci
  • -
  • Daves I KnowBruce McCulloch
    Kurt Cobain  [only known play]Art Paul Schlosser
    *** ****  [first known play]Rodney Carrington
    Cellphone on the HighwayPower Salad
    Pissin' OutsideBilly Jonas
    -The Mod-est Lads
    -Richard Trible
  • -
  • -Richard Trible
    We Were Raised in Warsaw Poland  [only known play]Chaston and Groditski
    Money Honey  [only known play]Ray Stevens
    Techno Ravioli  [first known play]Art Paul Schlosser
    Teddy's Dead  [first known play]Tim Wilson
    Would You Rather Be Paid  [only known play]Carla Ulbrich
    They Stand Straight UpThe Mod-est Lads
  • -
  • My First Time EverDa Yoopers
    Who Let The Cows Out  [first known play]The Waking Crew
    I Am CowThe Arrogant Worms
    Sea Of GrassThe Billy Nayer Show
    She's a CowThe Dyzmals
    WerecowFlippy T. Fishead and The Mighty Ground Beeves
    How Do You Milk A Cow?  [first known play]Cledus T. Judd
    Major Connie (First Cow In Space)Ken Johnson and Jim Tofte
    Mutant CowsThe Dyzmals
    The Adventures Of The Cow  [only known play]Adam Sandler
    The Moo-Moo SongJohnny and The Leisure Suits featuring Jonathon Brandmeier
    The Cow T-Shirt Jingle  [first known play]Art Paul Schlosser
    Cows With GunsDana Lyons
  • -
  • Mr. Sticky BuddyYou Don't Know Jack Players
    Liquor PSA  [only known play]You Don't Know Jack Players
    The Unhappy Meal  [only known play]Larry Weaver
    18 Wheels LaterBarry and The Bookbinders
    Sometimes (I Wonder)Throwing Toasters
  • -
  • Yes, We Have No Bananas  [first known play]The great Luke Ski f/ The Nick Atoms
  • -
  • -Richard Trible
    Fangirls, Shake That Booty!  [first known play]The great Luke Ski w/ the Hot Waffles
    Hip Hop GangstaSudden Death
    Lie Still, Little Bottle  [only known play]They Might Be Giants
    Reflections on Ted Williams  [only known play]Tim Cavanagh
    We're Rockin' in the Rest Home (In The Year 2030)Pat Sojourner
    -Tim Wilson
    Who FartedUncle Tone f/ Li'l Man

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