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Rodney Carrington
Date Born/Group Began: Oct. 19, 1968 (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Date Died/Group Ended:
Also Known As:
Rodney Carrington (Stavro Arrgolus)

Played on 88 shows:
02-03-24, #MMS-26309-20-09, #MMCZ-09-36
01-26-18, #MMS-22409-13-09, #MMCZ-09-35
05-07-16, #ISGD-16-2008-17-09, #MM-223
02-13-16, #ISGD-16-0802-15-09, #09-07
12-30-15, #ISGD-15-6012-20-08, #MMCZ_XMAS08D
12-26-15, #ISGD-15-5912-13-08, #MMCZ_XMAS08B
12-23-15, #MMCZ-15-0308-16-08, #MMCZ_0090
12-12-15, #15-5005-24-08, #MMCZ_0041
09-12-15, #ISGD-15-3805-17-08, #MMCZ_0040
08-22-15, #ISGD-15-3504-26-08, #MMCZ_08-17
06-27-15, #ISGD-15-2704-19-08, #MMCZ_08-16
06-06-15, #ISGD-15-2404-12-08, #MMCZ_08-15
05-30-15, #ISGD-15-2304-11-08, #MMDT20_08-14
05-09-15, #15-1902-16-08, #MMCZ_08-07
05-09-15, #ISGD-15-2002-02-08, #MMCZ_08-05
04-18-15, #ISGD-15-1701-26-08, #MMCZ_08-04
04-04-15, #ISGD-15-1401-12-08, #MMCZ_08-02
03-14-15, #ISGD-15-1110-08-06, #MMS-48
03-07-15, #ISGD-15-1011-13-05, #05-46
02-28-15, #ISGD-15-0909-24-05, #FFM-11
02-21-15, #ISGD-15-0811-28-04, #XM-79
12-06-14, #14-4912-29-03, #ISGD-03-57
11-15-14, #14-4611-24-03, #ISGD-03-49
08-02-14, #ISGD-14-4211-17-03, #ISGD-03-47
06-07-14, #ISGD-14-2911-11-03, #ISGD-03-46
05-31-14, #ISGD-14-2811-10-03, #ISGD-03-45
05-24-14, #ISGD-14-2711-04-03, #ISGD-03-44
03-11-14, #mmcz-14-0111-03-03, #ISGD-03-43
03-08-14, #ISGD-14-1610-20-03, #ISGD-03-41
12-07-13, #13-4910-14-03, #ISGD-03-40
11-05-13, #MMS-17810-07-03, #ISGD-03-38
09-12-13, #ISGD-13-3710-06-03, #ISGD-03-37
08-08-13, #ISGD-13-3209-22-03, #ISGD-03-35
07-17-13, #ISGD-13-2909-08-03, #ISGD-03-33
10-11-12, #ISGD-12-4107-28-03, #ISGD-03-29
07-21-12, #AOTA-12072106-16-03, #XM-04
02-09-12, #ISGD-12-0603-16-03, #03-11
01-12-12, #ISGD-12-0203-09-03, #03-10
12-11-11, #MMS-14612-01-02, #02-48
01-15-11, #MMCZ 11-0311-25-01, #01-47
12-04-10, #10-4901-14-01, #01-02
06-06-10, #MMCZ-10-2312-10-00, #00-50
02-28-10, #MMCZ-10-0912-05-99, #99-49
11-29-09, #MMCZ-09-4611-29-98, #98-48
= Show you can listen to online
 Songs 72 Virgins and a Crown A Dozen Roses Aerobics With Rodney All About Sex All the Reasons Angel Friend Apple, The B-I-T-C-H Baby Back Baby Back (Live) Bad Credit Baptist Revival Be Happy With Your Vanilla Beer And Wine Cooler Commercials Best You'll Do Tonight Best You'll Do Tonight (Different Studio Version) Booby Trap Bowling Trophy Wife Boxing Buying A Fake Weenie'mon__Sing_You_Bastards_-_Burning_Sensation.mp3 C'mon, Sing You Bastards - Burning Sensation Carlos Carlos (2) Carlos, Man of Love Changes Chicken Song Christmas With The Kids Chucky Cheese Conversations With My Penis Country Bar - Mechanical Sheep Dancing With A Man Dancing with a Man (Studio Version)
Dear Penis Deer Hunting - Snake Hunting Depends On The Golf Course Do You All Don't Look Now Don't Look Now (Different Studio Version) Don't Tell My Wife Drink More Beer's_Airport_And_Hotel_-_Hicks_In_Mississippi.mp3 Ed's Airport And Hotel - Hicks In Mississippi's_Jail.mp3 Ed's Jail El Nino Loco Fat Girl Fat Girls, Nebraska Farmers, Japanese... Fooled Again Fred Fred (Studio Version) Fun Funny Man Gay Factory Worker Give It A Try Going To Church Going to Church (Live 2014) Going To Heaven - People That Pissed Me Off Going To Heaven Drunk Good Woman - -Lucky- Grandpa Grandpa (live) Great to Be a Man Growing Up Poor - Toughskin Jeans Helicopter Home Movie Hookers Make You Skip Hypochondriac If I'm The Only One If I'm the Only One (Live 2014),_Follow_Them.mp3 If They Leave, Follow Them Impromptu Bathroom Song In Her Day Intro (to King Of The Mountains) Intro (to *** ****)'s_Too_Late.mp3 It's Too Late's_Too_Late_(Duet_With_Lisa_Cochran).mp3 It's Too Late (Duet With Lisa Cochran)'s_Too_Late_(Duet_With_Lisa_Cochran)_Radio_Edit_Version.mp3 It's Too Late (Duet With Lisa Cochran) Radio Edit Version Japanese Restaurants Just One Beer Kids - Birthing Process Kiss Letter to My Penis Letter to My Penis (2) Letter to My Penis (3) Letter to My Penis (Different Studio Version) Likes, Dislikes & Sexual Confusion Little League Little Things Living With a Woman,_The.mp3 Marriage Advice Song (How Bout We f**k?), The Massage Masturbation Men And Women More of a Man More of a Man (2) Morning Wood Night the Bar Closed Down, The,_The.mp3 No Sex Penalty, The *** **** Older Women People p**s Ya Off Pickup Truck Play Your Cards Wrong Poison Ivy and the Lord Purple Rain Puss Island Put Your Clothes Back On Rap Star Rap Star (Live) Real Fancy Place Reasons To Call In Sick
Religions Religions (Live 2014) Rhymes With Truck Rhymes With Truck (Live) Rodney Gets Drunk And Finds Ugly Women Rodney Gets Drunk And Goes To Jail Rodney Scared Rodney Visits Church, Shops for Caskets & Goes to Heaven's_Wife_+_Kids__Marriage__Vacations.mp3 Rodney's Wife & Kids, Marriage, Vacations Role Models Sexual Acts During Marriage Shane'd_Be_A_Millionaire.mp3 She'd Be A Millionaire Shopping at Walgreens Shopping For Caskets Shopping On Rodeo Street Short Arms Show Them To Me Show Them to Me (Different Version) Show Them To Me (Live) Sing You Bastards / Burning Sensation Snowman Snowman (Bob & Tom version), The Snowman, The T**ties & Beer T**ties & Beer (Studio Verion) (feat. Colt Ford) Tastes Like Chicken - Oral Sex Tee Off That Awful Day That's an Angry Monkey's_Just_My_Luck.mp3 That's Just My Luck't_Know.mp3 Things We Didn't Know Tips On Marriage Tips on Shopping, Entertainment and Life ******* and Beer To the Couch,_The.mp3 Toby Keith Saga, The
Today's The Day My Wife Met My Girlfriend Travel Pillow Tribute To Barry Martin TV Show Vacation Vote for Trump Walmart Weenie Story, The,_Boy.mp3 What Do You Say, Boy? Wheel Of Fortune,_The.mp3 Wheelchair Song, The White Shirts and Rain White Shirts in the Rain (Live 2014) Wife At Garage Sales Wish She Would Have Left Quicker Yard Sale - Underwear Song Yoga Class Zoo

Messages about the artist: "Rodney Carrington"

Halfshell   Offline  -  Artist  -  01-02-17 12:31 PM  -  7 years ago
Finished uploading music for the 2009 "El Loco Nino" album, can someone please make an album page?
Dave AuJus   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  01-02-17 07:24 PM  -  7 years ago


Finished uploading music for the 2009 "El Loco Nino" album, can someone please make an album page?
Halfshell   Offline  -  Artist  -  01-03-17 02:49 PM  -  7 years ago


-2014 Laughter's Good album, some tracks are marked (Live 2014) because they differs from the other versions I seen on here.


-Some rare studio recordings

-Different studio recording of some other songs

Dave AuJus   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  01-04-17 01:43 AM  -  7 years ago
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