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Pee On 
By: Below Average Dave
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Duration: 4:14 
Release Date: 8/22/2009  (DJ Particle) 
Lyrics By: Below Average Dave (belowaveragedave) 
Music By:
Produced By:
Released By:
Published By:
Licensing: CC 
  • Parody of Kid Rock's Cowboy (MarlinsGirl)
  • Song Lyrics:

    Well I'm a filling my Uhaul and head right up North
    Where cost of living's reached it's tip
    That's it, where I'm best
    Buy a cot far from mills
    Bills costs mints
    Find some old crunk junk
    or a bike with rims
    Then I'mma go to work and I'll earn a lot
    With a corner block, and watch that damn clock
    Get a lot out at lunch, and I'll make it my goal
    To eat that s**t before it gets cold
    Put some meat on those buns
    Eat in my car
    Get back to my job
    and never at bars
    Working through the summa'
    Malls are home
    I like Saks Fifth too, gonna look like chrome
    Go and get my hair cut
    Different clothes each season
    and I'll get props from the boss for that reason
    Suck it up and I'll be better employed
    Yeah I'm climbing them steps suckers

    That's why they call me a Pee-On baby
    No morals do what the big wigs tell me
    Pee-On baby
    Best be bending every wish they tellin
    I'm the best of the Pee-Ons baby
    I'll suck it up if it hikes my pay
    Pee-On Baby
    Job may smell like s**t, smile anyway

    I bet ya'll will be heathens when my time comes in
    They say "David please come in" and promotion begins
    Laugh a bit, at each joke, even nod for their eyes
    I once spoke up, but now I'm their toy
    At Christmas time, buy them gifts so nice
    Go with them to the bars, it is worth the price
    Yeah my night ain't right, but I'm gonna get that cash boy
    and let New York City babes know why they call me the

    Pee-On baby
    Bending over do what bosses tell you
    Pee-On Baby
    Who gives a damn about having free time
    I'm gonna be a Pee-On baby
    Frying my mind to increase my pay
    Pee-On Baby
    Can't work for myself, do not know the way

    Big Dave, working at a desk
    Shelling out them papers, thinking I'm up next
    I'll be moving in a jet, getting a free pass
    You call me a snitch
    because I'm kissing @$$
    but I'm in here bringing
    work to the floor
    Getting paid to be bossed,
    though I'm lost,
    I'm the boss of the chores
    Stay on course
    I'm serious
    Yes it's worth each night
    I don't ever see bed,
    sometimes it's a fright
    be favorites
    each and every statement
    My Myspace boasts 'bout my job I'm faking
    but I am favored
    I'm his savior
    I just need to breathe
    for cor'prate I'll hold it

    Why you all wanna hate on me
    Knock me out
    and hope that I'll just leave
    I ain't that weak
    I'm just tryna be dough making
    Some fools are out robbing
    but I ain't a failure
    Outfit is tailored
    Hair sits back slick
    If it means moving up
    Yes I can be a dick
    You all say he's a prick
    but to me he's softer
    I keep on sucking it up till I get a promotion

    With my pride on hold and my tongue kept quiet
    Spend lots of time dotting all the i's
    Sure it may bite, but watch me get paid
    I won't see pink slips, if things go away
    Polishing his shoes, and make sure they're shining
    Warning when his wife is on the other line


    I am @$$ kissing
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