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Duration: 3:14 
Release Date: 3/9/2010  (DJ Particle) 
Lyrics By:
Music By:
Produced By:
Released By:
Published By:
Licensing: CC 
Song Lyrics:
© Luke Sienkowski 2010

Luke: Yankee cartoons were always boring him.
Carrie: What happened then? What happened then?
Luke: Started watching shows from the Pacific rim.
Pikachu: PIKA!
Tetsuo: KANEDA!
Soun: RANMA!
(SFX: Explosion)

Hey, Yu-Gi-Oh, yeah!

I met him playin' PokeMon in the school yard.
He caught my eye right after he captured my card.
Had Dragonballs, for a date he asked.
He showed up for it dressed up as Tuxedo Mask.
Once he made me swoon, he saw my Sailor Moon.
He's a Speed Racer, Star Blazer, Anime fan.
A Miyazaki, eatin' Pocky, Anime fan.

Oh, yeah!...

He really used his G-Force on my Robotech.
Just like Voltron, "I'll form the head!"
Every Gundam he came Macross, mastered like a toy. (A collectible toy)
This cyberpunk is my own Astro Boy, (Oh!)
But behind closed doors, he's my Gigantor.
He's a saki brewster, bio-booster, Anime fan. (Oh yeah!)
A mecha flyer, Mack Guyver, Anime fan.

Ba-shoo-ba-do-dwee-dop, bop, shoo, bop, ba-Cowboy-Bebop-oom-bow,… …Bow bow!
Hey yeah!
Cowboy Bebop bow!

(dialogue over those 12 measures:)
Main Boy: Hi cute girl! I am the shy main character,
and I have a crush on you!
Cute Girl: But I have a crush on that very handsome boy!
Handsome Boy: That's me!
Cute Girl: You must fight him for my love!
Main Boy: Did I mention I'm a robot super-weapon too? (SFX: tech)
Handsome Boy: Uh, oh!

Pretty boy divine, I'm his Valentine.
He's a transformin', disproportioned, Anime fan. (Oh!)
A.M.V. makin', Cosplayin', Anime fan.

Whoa yeah!

Now just like InuYasha, I obey at his word.
He stole my heart, like Lupin the 3rd.
Vash the Stampede's big Trigun. (Ah!)
I'm a horny girl, and flying high like Lum!

Luke: Ranma and Akane fighting at the beach.
Anime fan, Anime fan
Luke: To clean their bikinis, they gotta use Bleach.
Anime fan, Anime fan

Tenchi Muyo, Anime fan
Hair's a bright mop, eyes pop, bigger than a chef's wok.
Slayers, Lain, Anime fan
Huge mallet whop, blood snot, embarrassed massive sweat drop.
Ah My Goddess, Anime fan
Likes my boobs hot, jigglin' won't stop, here's a panty shot.
Fan service…

And now we're both grown-ups with flair.
I'm his La Blue Girl, and we're a Dirty Pair.
Ditch the smut you got. "My porn has a plot!"
He's a Hentai watchin', happy crotchin', Anime fan.
A wang attackin', tallywackin', Anime fan.
A likes 'em curvy, super pervy, Anime fan.
A gonna rock you, King Otaku, Anime fan.

Aaaaahhh, yeah!

Anime fan!
Anime fan!
Anime fan!
Anime fan!
Anime fan! Anime fan! Anime fan! Anime fan!...

(dialogue over those 12 measures:)
Cute Girl: I'm the cute girl, skipping my way to junior college.
Scrotor: (SFX: flash) I am Scrotor, demon from the 5th realm!
Cute Girl: My, what big tentacles you have! What will do with those?
Scrotor: Heh, you're about to find out.
Cute Girl: Well I'm secretly a ninja warrior!
Taste my blades naughty demon! Hi-yah! (attacks him)
Scrotor: (SFX: Sword) Ow! Ow! Hey! Hey! Watch it! These are sensitive!

Luke: Kaneda and Tetsuo got into a fight.
Army guys: Destroyed Neo-Tokyo, freaky mutant might.
Luke: Team Rocket's blastin' off at the speed of light.
Army guys: Jesse and James and Meowth, that's right.
Luke: Nine tailed demon fox Naruto was shunned.
Army guys: Fought to become Hokage, and he won.
Luke: Light got out his book, and ended our fun.
Army guys: Wrote a Death Note about us, and now we're done.
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