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Duration: 3:47 
Release Date: 8/18/2010  (DJ Particle) 
Lyrics By: Below Average Dave (belowaveragedave) 
Music By:
Produced By:
Released By:
Published By:
  • Soundclick Charts: 14th in Comedy, 3rd in Parody (belowaveragedave)
  • Parody of "It Wasn't Me" by Shaggy (DJ Particle)
  • Song Lyrics:
    (Oh man) Huh?
    (I need help man) I can't help you man.
    (It's my mom's birthday) And I should help you?
    (I don't want to spend any money) That's you. . .
    (You got some cards, you know) Man
    (I don't wanna sound really cheap) But you know it's the truth
    (So what. . .)

    It's not that I don't care about my fam'ly
    Shoping makes my wallet sore
    Wal Mart's bliss, Sears is expensive, I can't shop there no more

    Oh wait just a second I could
    give her one of my C.D.s
    That way she'd think it's from the heart
    not that I am just being cheap

    How can you buy paper for your hardcore lova
    Givin her a line about how you've been thinking of her
    You could buy her a watch or give her something worth a dolla
    Instead you went up to K mart and you bought her King Size Snicka
    To be a romantic now and then you have to pay
    One thing if you poor, but you make cash all day
    If you are too cheap she may slip away
    See the way that she's staring at her friend Jose
    **End Friend

    I could buy her pens and fake fur (You're Really Cheap)
    How about five dollar liqueur (You're Really Cheap)
    Order pizza if it will please her (That's Kinda Sweet)
    I'm not a very good tipper (Damn you are Cheap)

    Not much debt will I go incur (You're Really Cheap)
    Never hire a chauffeur (That's cause you're Cheap)
    Gotta show her I love her (Stop being cheap)
    But spending cash makes me suffer

    Christmas time is a good time for a night mare
    Spending time down at the store
    Dollar place, shopped for the whole office, I won't spend a dollar more

    Yes I tried to stop myself
    from going on a shopping spree
    But I spent two dollars on
    My honey buying something sweet

    Why don't you head to the grocer to get a nice sweet cake-mix
    Instead of buying stupid stuff like them pixie styx
    If you were nicer to people it'd prevent rejects
    How you want a nice raise if you get your boss V-Necks
    You need to go change your ways and you need to change them fast
    You could step to flowers and the improvement would be mast
    Support breast cancer: while in that line
    It's only a dollar and all them girls won't look past
    **End Friend**

    I don't want to spend my dollar (You're Really Cheap)
    I see the ribbons on the counta (You're Really Cheap)
    Do you think they have something smalla (Stop being cheap)
    Like closer to a quarta (You're Really Cheap)

    So what if I'm no big spender (No, it's called Cheap)
    I just like legal tender (Why are you cheap)
    Cause my ego is slender (You're also weak?)
    I don't want debt to occur

    Honey came in and she dumped me on my butt
    Said my routine's gotten bored
    That Jose had bought her some jewelry, and she says she feels adored

    How could I be so cheap that I
    let her slip away from me
    Oh well I don't need her,
    in fact, now I'll save half my money

    Gonna sell all of the pictures that cover up my walls
    Spending money on big presents don't make no sense at all
    You won't catch me dead or alive at no damnshopping mall
    You may call me cheap or stingy, but I've more cash to ball
    So I'm still cheap

    So I'm single and I'm keeping my money
    Who's that knocking on my door
    Holy Christ, It is my old best friend, and he needs a place to snore

    We'll go to Red Lobster
    like we did when we were in our teens
    I guess I'm not too cheap
    I'm just not in love with that so called queen
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    Played on 3 shows:
    11-27-10, #MMCZ-10-5308-20-10, #ROTP_313
    08-23-10, #BAD_08-23-10
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