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Duration: 3:52 
Release Date: 8/21/2010  (DJ Particle) 
Lyrics By:
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  • Parody of "Convoy" by CW McCall (DJ Particle)
  • Song Lyrics:
    [On the security radio]
    Okay, security detail, this is Max, chief of security
    are all of you getting this? Over. Yes, Ralph, what's
    twenty? Well, hurry up and get to opening ceremonies. We
    need three watching over the GOHs. Toby, are you in
    Registration yet? Well, shake a leg, boy. The doors open
    In ten minutes. I'm heading to the up to the con suite.

    It was a Friday morn past the break of dawn
    At the Fantafan Convention
    It was nice and calm not a single one
    Of security had a thing to mention
    When we got a call from down the hall
    Seems the con suite had been foraged
    Three cases of Pibb and four bags of chips
    Were missing from the Con Suite storage

    'Cause we got a pleasant con suite
    Rockin' through the night.
    Yeah, we got a pleasant con suite,
    Ain't it a beautiful sight?
    Come on and visit our con suite
    Ain't nothin' gonna get in your way
    We're gonna run this freaking con suite
    All the way to Sunday.
    Con Suite!
    Con Suite!

    [On the security radio]
    Ralph, you getting this? Over. Yeah, could you come up
    to the con suite? We have us a situation here. And keep your eyes peeled for anybody hauling a handtruck of Mister Pipp. You copy?

    By the time we got to Saturday,
    We had eighty-five thefts in all.
    We started to worry 'bout the bigger furries
    them bears was wall-to-wall.
    They swore to us that it wasn't them
    But one of 'em looked a bit scared
    Said there's one named Tomb hold up in his room
    "We about to go a-huntin' bear."

    'Cause we got a great big con suite
    Rockin' through the night.
    Yeah, we got a great big con suite,
    Ain't she a beautiful sight?
    Come on and visit our con suite
    Ain't nothin' gonna get in your way.
    We're gonna run this freaking con suite
    Until we get to Sunday.
    Con suite!
    Con suite!

    [On the CB]
    Yo, Toby! I need you up in the con suite. We have a lead on
    the food theif, but we got ourselves another incident up here. The suite's starting to smell like a locker room. You copy?

    But before we could start, someone said that a fart
    Been loosed in the con suite hallway
    We found that the smell really drove us to hell
    Cuz the gamers had ended their forray
    Then went to the suite for something to eat
    And none had bothered to shower
    The stench they brought had the suite distraught
    And the con suite closed for an hour
    So we gathered our troop and tried to regroup
    And swore that we would try harder
    To find us a thief who brought the con grief
    and stole all the con suite's larder
    Took a friend of mine to room 629
    Cuz we knew we have to move fast
    Heard noise from within, so we let ourselves in
    Seems a party was going full blast

    Sir, where did you get all the food? Sir, you know the rules. Con suite food is supposed to stay in the con suite. Well, get this stuff back down there, and we'll forget this ever happened, all right?

    By Sunday night, everything was all right
    And the Dead Dog party was rollin'
    They brought stuff to eat from the big con suite
    Everyone was dancing and cajollin'
    And even the bears brought the party downstairs
    And all their leftover food
    Cuz a year from now, there'll be more anyhow
    This con's just about to conclude.

    'Cause we had a mighty con suite
    Rockin' through the night.
    Yeah, we had a mighty con suite,
    Weren't it a beautiful sight?
    Thanks for seeing our con suite
    And thank you for the stay.
    We had to run this freaking con suite
    All the way from Friday.
    Con suite!
    Con suite!
    Con suite!
    Con suite!
    Con suite!

    [On the security radio]
    Okay, good job, everyone. Things went pretty smooth, considering. Ralph can I count on you for next year? Over. ANTHROCON? Toby, you're insane, boy. You sure you want to be running all over that convention? They got over 4000 furries running wild there, Over. No, I don't think they'll let you do the whole con in fursuit. 'Sides, by Saturday you'd be smelling worse than a gamer. Over.
    (Max DeGroot)
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