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Duration: 6:46 
Release Date: 1/9/2011 
Lyrics By: David Tanny (davidtanny) 
Music By: David Tanny (davidtanny) 
Produced By: David Tanny (davidtanny) 
Released By:
Published By:
  • Brief Intro (release date, etc.): 02. "Hey, Whimsical Will" (released on 1/9/2011) - after 25 years, Whimsical Will decided to quit producing his annual Summer Movie Adventures after producing his 25th one in 2010. I have something to say about that.

    Background about the song: Long Description: To go way back in time, the Dickie Goodman with then-partner Bill Buchanan co-wrote and produced the first record of its kind in June 1956, "The Flying Saucer Parts 1 and 2". What was so unusual about it was that it was basicially an interview where Goodman and Buchanan ask the questions or narrate a story, and they are immediately followed by an excerpt of a song that comments or answers what either of them said. For the most part, questions are answered by excerpts of songs, which is the basis of most interviews. In 1982, Whimsical Will made a break-in recording where he was asking the questions to Goodman, who answered with excerpts of Goodman's own records. Sadly, Will (Simpson) never met Goodman.

    In 1986, after having some minor success with break-in recordings, Will began releasing break-in recordings featuring the subject of a given summer movie. He began with the movie "Howard the Duck" in 1986, then went on to do 24 more summer movie adventures through the year 2010 when he decided that after 25 years, he retired from producing his annual summer movie adventures. Anthony "A-Log" Logatto and Chris Wolvie separately began doing summer movie adventures on 2011.

    Where the humor in the recording comes from: This is basically a look back at the summer movie adventures that Whimsical Will produced from 1986 until 2010, most of which were hits on the Dr. Demento Show. The humor comes from his recordings that can be found on his album "Cutting Up - Volume One: Summer Movie Adventures 1986-2010", where it can be found at his website (davidtanny)

  • after 25 years, Whimsical Will decided to quit producing his annual Summer Movie Adventures after producing his 25th one in 2010. I have something to say about that. (davidtanny)
  • Song Lyrics:
    Hey Whimsical Will, it's me again.
    Hey, how have you been?
    I need a word, with you.
    Your decison has made me, feel blue.

    You decided to quit your summer movie adventures,
    I really enjoyed, your tenure.
    Who will do 'em now, I don't know.
    I sure hate to, see you go.

    It started in '86, with Howard The Duck,
    Your adventure was funny, though the movie did suck.
    In 1987, it was Mr. Jaws, '87,
    That time around, it was almost heaven.

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit, came out in '88,
    I laughed, myself silly, it was great.
    Batman came out, in 1989,
    Your movie adventure, came out fine.

    In 1990, it was Dick Tracy,
    Another movie we just had to see.
    In 1991 Robin Hood,
    All your stuff was good.

    It was Batman again in 1992
    I just knew that you weren't through.
    We saw, Jurassic Park in '93,
    It was a film we had to see.

    The Flintstones, was out in '94
    Well, you made me wanting more.
    Batman, again in '95,
    You made the adventure, seem so live.

    In 1996, it was a Twister!
    It sure wasn't, a twisted sister!
    In 1997, we had been,
    to Jurassic Park, once again.

    In 1998, Godzilla,
    That movie was surely, a thrilla.
    1999 was the year,
    your Summer movie adventure was in gear.

    We were finally treated, to Star Wars I
    We just knew that, you weren't done.
    In y2k, we saw, X-Men,
    In '01, Jurassic Park, again.

    But in late '01, Harry Potter,
    it was the first winter, movie adventure.
    In '02, we were attacked by Clones,
    In '03, the Hulk crushed those bones!

    Spiderman was out in '04,
    Your adventures were never a bore.
    In '05, Willy Wonka came around,
    The chocolate made us big and round.

    In '06, it was Captain Jack.
    We just knew after that, you'd be back.
    In '07, it was Transformers,
    The adventure, was a little bit warmer.

    In '08, Indy Jones was it.
    We just knew you weren't, gonna quit.
    We were Trekkin', in '09,
    Your adventure, came out fine.

    In '10, it was the Iron Man.
    We were laughin', once again!
    But soon, after that, that was it.
    You decided, to quit.

    So thank you, Whimsical Will, for your stuff.
    Well maybe you did, just enough.
    One more thing, before I'm gone,
    You can get his stuff at
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