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Disc: 1 1 Goin' Back to L.A. (2010 mix) 1 Goin' Back to L.A. (2010 mix) 2 Hey, Whimsical Will 2 Hey, Whimsical Will 2 Hey, Whimsical Will 3 Funnyback 4 I Eat Animals 5 No Place to Park (2010 mix) 6 80s TV 6 80s TV 7 Nothingman 7 Nothingman 8 Dead Bug (2010 higher pitch mix) 9 I'm a Cowboy (2010 live mix) 10 Zorch 10 Zorch 11 Warner Music 12 This is a Test 13 Mary Had a Little Lamb featuring The Woodchucks 13 Mary Had a Little Lamb featuring The Woodchucks 14 ECC-High School Star Trek Channel 15 CD Interruption 2 15 CD Interruption 2 16 A Christmas Mess-Up featuring Daniel with the recordings of David Tanny 16 A Christmas Mess-Up featuring Daniel with the recordings of David Tanny 16 A Christmas Mess-Up featuring Daniel with the recordings of David Tanny 17 ECC-Living and Dining Room Talk Network 18 Nothing's on TV 18 Nothing's on TV 18 Nothing's on TV 19 ECC-Lost Dog Channel 20 News Bulletin SA3 20 News Bulletin SA3 20 News Bulletin SA3 21 Dead Lizard 21 Dead Lizard 22 ECC-Student University Channel 23 The New Adventures of Old Christine featuring Men Without Pants 23 The New Adventures of Old Christine featuring Men Without Pants 24 Fan Speculation 24 Fan Speculation 25 A Poem: Honda Breaks Cars 26 Martin Luther King Day 26 Martin Luther King Day
  27 A Christmas Mess-Up raw 28 Alyssa Milano Intro 28 Alyssa Milano Intro 28 Alyssa Milano Intro 29 Alyssa Milano 29 Alyssa Milano 29 Alyssa Milano 30 Alyssa Milano A Capella 30 Alyssa Milano A Capella 30 Alyssa Milano A Capella 31 Oh Happy Boy 31 Oh Happy Boy

Originals (2000-2012) Deluxe Edition

By: David Tanny


Features some original novelty works, and the Deluxe Edition adds several newer tracks for added listening time. 


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  • Originals (2000-2012) Deluxe Edition
    Released 11/11/2014

    "Originals (2000-2012)" by David Tanny features remixes of the older funny songs plus some more recent material.

    Deluxe Edition adds more tracks including ECC: Early Cable Channels satirical pieces.

    All of the tracks are licensed for use by podcasters for podcast shows only. Each track is a Creative Commons release with the license of "Attribution Non-commercial No Derivatives".

    Description of license: This license is the most restrictive Creative Commons license, allowing redistribution. This license is often called the “free advertising” license because it allows others to download your works and share them with others as long as they mention you and link back to you, but they can’t change them in any way or use them commercially. This means you cannot use them on youtube or other video sites unless you are the composer and songwriter of the work.

    Linking: Please credit to David Tanny and link to this (and no other) website only:
    as per terms. By using my songs on your podcast, you are legally bound by these terms.

    01. "Goin' Back to L.A. (2010 mix)" (released on 6/5/2010) - celebrates the old days of driving 120 miles to Los Angeles to hear the Dr. Demento Show because the fan's hometown wouldn't carry the show on their radio stations in the fan's radio market. The driving trek takes place on a Sunday in 1981 when the Doc used to do a live four-hour show on a now-defunct radio station.

    02. "Hey, Whimsical Will" (released on 1/9/2011) - after 25 years, Whimsical Will decided to quit producing his annual Summer Movie Adventures after producing his 25th one in 2010. I have something to say about that.

    03. "Funnyback" (released on 4/6/2010) - an official tribute song of David Tanny's ten years of dementia works.

    04. "I Eat Animals" (released on 8/1/2010) - Benny Bell would have liked the song. It's a politically incorrect salute to all of the meat eaters.

    05. "No Place to Park (2010 mix)" (released on 6/5/2010) - no place to park? That's a major problem. It's a comedy rap commentary on overcrowded parking lots and the businesses who don't get the rapper's business simply because there's no place to park his car. The businesses underestimated the number of parking spaces to include in their property.

    06. "80s TV" (released on 6/5/2010) - yet another original rap, this time, sort of like 70 lines about 35 TV shows. Every two lines weaves in a name of a popular TV show from the 80s at the end of the pair.

    07. "Nothingman" (recorded in 2010, released on 1/1/2011) - what if there was a hero that was anything but super, in fact, way below super.

    08. "Dead Bug (2010 higher pitch mix)" (released on 6/5/2010) - I wrote this when I saw a dead bug on the wall.

    09. "I'm a Cowboy (2010 live mix)" (released on 4/11/2010) - An original song using clever rhymes for "Day" almost throughout the song.

    10. "Zorch" (released on 8/19/2008) - is a lyrical parody of The Monkees' track "Zilch" and serves as a tribute to the late novelty singer Nervous Norvous.

    11. "Warner Music" (released on 2/24/2010) - another original about a song parodist whose songs got taken off of Youtube because a certain record label didn't understand what a parody is.

    12. "This is a Test" (2014, released on 11/11/2014)

    13. "Mary Had a Little Lamb featuring The Woodchucks" (recorded in January 1981, released on 10/5/2004) - Something I combined when I sped up an old cassette player to double the speed of my voice while syncing it to an old Magnus organ. This was way before digital stuff made this extra work obsolete.

    14. "ECC-High School Star Trek Channel" (released on 11/11/2014)

    15. "CD Interruption 2" (released on 7/18/2007) - CDs are also subject to being interrupted.

    16. "A Christmas Mess-Up featuring Daniel with the recordings of David Tanny" (2012, released on 12/4/2012) - features excerpts of several of Tanny's novelty recordings such as "I'm Doing Nothing For Christmas", "Centipede", "Hey, Three Stooges!", "NutriBrain", "All Out of Pups", "HDTV Dinners", "Eight is Enough", "PC vs. Mac", "Kirk Spock Bones", "Starr Mopp Warrs", and more.

    17. "ECC-Living and Dining Room Talk Network" (released on 11/11/2014)

    18. "Nothing's on TV" (recorded in 2007, released 8/19/2008) - what's with all of the dreck that's on network TV in the post appointment TV era?

    19. "ECC-Lost Dog Channel - David Tanny" (released on 11/11/2014)

    20. "News Bulletin SA3" (released on 7/18/2006) - even a CD gets interrupted by a news bulletin? Yes, Stupid Audio has it's own news department. This wasoriginally released on the "Stupid Audio 3.0" CD.

    21. "Dead Lizard" (released on 2/24/2011)

    22. "ECC-Student University Channel" (released on 11/11/2014)

    23. "The New Adventures of Old Christine" (released on 3/13/2010) - another new original song borrowing from the 1983 Men Without Hats classic "Safety Dance." It's a lyrical parody of "Weird Al" Yankovic's parody "The Brady Bunch."

    24. "Fan Speculation" (released on 4/30/2010) - an original rap that goes into pop culture without limiting itself to sci-fi topics.

    25. "A Poem: Honda Breaks Cars" (2011, released on 11/11/2014) - based on a true story.

    26. "Martin Luther King Day" (2012, released on 1/17/2013) - show some love for holidays that follow Christmas Day. Write some holiday songs for other days.

    27. "A Christmas Mess-Up raw file with Daniel" (released on 11/11/2014)

    28. "Alyssa Milano Intro" (released on 7/18/2006)

    29. "Alyssa Milano" (released on 7/18/2006) - something stupid I created with just a celebrity name, three shows, and three characters she was associated with. I tried to write a song about one of my favorite actresses of all time, but after some 100 crinkled pieces of paper, I gave up and decided to try something more avant garde.

    30. "Alyssa Milano A Capella" (released on 7/18/2006)

    31. "Oh Happy Boy" (released on 10/1/2009) - a song dedicated to a small street that was paved over by a highway in 1970. It's a combination of doo-wop, Frank Zappa, Wildman Fisher, and Jonathan Coulton influences. Funny thing to know, this song was written a few years before I heard of Jonathan Coulton in 2005. The song chorus was thought up in 1970, but lyrics and bridges were written in 2003.

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