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Song Details
Want Cub Porn 
By: Max DeGroot
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Duration: 2:21 
Release Date: 4/27/2011 
Lyrics By: Max DeGroot (Max DeGroot) 
Music By: Jonathan Coulton (Max DeGroot) 
Produced By: Max DeGroot (Max DeGroot) 
Released By: Max DeGroot (Max DeGroot) 
Published By: Max DeGroot (Max DeGroot) 
Licensing: CC 
  • Created to parallel "The Site Is A Lie" by Corsi, which was a parody of "Still Alive" from Portal 1, about events on Fur Affinity. (Max DeGroot)
  • Based on recent action by Fur Affinity banning the depiction of obviously underage characters in a sexual situation. (Max DeGroot)
  • Parody of "Want You Gone" by Ellen McLain (DJ Particle)
  • Song Lyrics:
    Well here I am again,
    FA is such a pleasure,
    It is the website that I liked the most.
    Oh, how I faved and faved,
    But now the faving's over
    Because you banned some art that you found shockingly gross.

    So ever since you banned it,
    I've just been so forlorn,
    I used to like fur hentai,
    Now I only want cub porn.

    I found another place,
    But wow the traffic's slower
    And every other pic has furs as young as two.
    One day I may wake up,
    But I can't see that happ'ning,
    It’s such a shame but I like furs much younger than you.

    You don't wear fashion diapers,
    And Oshkoshes never worn,
    I used to hate Inkbunny,
    Now I only want cub porn.

    Goodbye my horny friend,
    And yes, I really meant you.
    That would be funny if it weren’t so sad,
    Well you have been replaced,
    I don’t need anyone now.
    When I download some smut then I’ll stop feeling so bad.

    I've found a new disaster,
    That’s what I’m counting on,
    It's someone else’s problem,
    Now I only want cub porn,
    Now I only want cub porn,
    Now I only want cub porn.
    (Max DeGroot)
    Current Rating 5.3 (4 votes)
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    Messages about the song: "Want Cub Porn"
    Max DeGroot   Offline  -  Artist  -  04-28-11 12:25 PM  -  10 years ago
    Just uploaded a new version with harmonies that match the original song.
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